Mar 26

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Have you ever heard of this thing called sleep?

I don’t know how much longer I will be able to function on what little sleep we are getting in this house. I feel bad for Peter who has to get up early for work. At least I can sleep in a little bit longer than he can (as long as Ezri cooperates of course).

When we got pregnant, we were fully aware that sleep was going to be hard to come by for awhile. We expected to lose out on precious sleep. However, it is one of the hardest adjustments we’ve had to make. Ezri is “going through a phase” right now where she is very anti-sleep. It is absolutely exhausting. She slept pretty well for the first couple months of her life, then she sort of forgot how to sleep.

As a newborn, she would have stretches of sleep anywhere from 2-7 hours. It was great some nights and so-so other nights. But at least we’d still have a long stretch every now and then. Then she started sleeping only a maximum of 4 hours for her long stretch, which isn’t too bad either because she would sleep for another 3 hour stretch afterward. Now, it is extremely rare for her to go a full 3 hours at a time, even for her “long stretch.”

For the past 2.5 weeks, I’ve been getting up with Ezri 3-10 times a night. That is from 8pm-8am. Peter has been getting up a few times as well, but of course I’m awake longer because I have to nurse her. She doesn’t necessarily need to nurse each time she wakes up, but she can’t seem to fall back to sleep on her own lately. She used to be able to, I swear. So we put the soother in or rock her and she sleeps for 45 minutes to 1.5 hours and then is up again. She seems to sleep a bit better when she is in bed with us. It may not be the safest way to sleep, but at this point I don’t care. Sleep is sleep. I just don’t want her to get into the habit of sleeping in our bed.

I really don’t get why she is hating sleep. It is definitely starting to wear on Peter and I. Today, I dozed in and out on Ezri’s floor while she napped in her crib. I didn’t care how how uncomfortable or cold it was. It didn’t matter. I was/am so tired. At least I got a teeny ounce of sleep, I suppose. 

I am looking for things to explain this sudden hate of sleep and one huge thing comes to mind. Coincidently, she had her 4 month immunizations 2.5 weeks ago and that is exactly when she started sleeping poorly. Also, to note, she started hating riding in the car right after she had her 2 month immunizations. Now I am very supportive of vaccinating our kids because I think it helps protect them and everyone around them. However, I am starting to really wonder about the side effects. Seriously, is it just coincidence that these changes in behaviour are happening right after Ezri has her shots? Or could it actually be caused by the shots??? I really can’t think of any other explanation at the moment. Of course, it’s some-what hard for my sleep deprived brain to think anyway.

Anyway, long story not so short, I am very tired and I really, really hope Ezri starts sleeping well again soon. Oh and she’s a little bit of a tricky monster too. Let me explain: she won’t sleep at night when Peter and I want her to sleep, but when we have to get up in the morning because we have something to do, she doesn’t want to wake up. I took this photo this morning when I was trying to wake her up as we had to go out. She just kept on looking cute and sleeping. Argh, I’m never going to win!!

Sleepy baby

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Mar 18

Wed '15

Life can be scary

I have a bigger blog post that I’ve been working on, but I just wanted to pop in today to post a couple things.

I was talking to my friend today and it turns out that her Papa’s last sibling passed away yesterday. Her Papa passed away about 10 years ago and his sister was the last remaining link my friend had to her Papa. So needless to say, she was a little upset today. It made me think about my Grandma and how she is my last Grandparent. She’s in her late eighties and I know she’s not going to be around forever. I love her so much and we see each other about once a week.

Anyway, as I was talking with my friend and thinking about my Grandma, my Mom called and said that Grandma was in ER at the Hospital. It was so scary that this news came at that exact moment.

It turns out she dropped a TV table on her leg and it was enormously swollen and bruised. The bruise is about 9 inches long and swollen 3 inches high. Thank goodness that she is already back home now. My Mom is going to stay the night with her and make sure she gets everything she needs.

I’m so greatful that nothing worse happened to her. It’s just so scary that things like that can happen and change everything in a second. I hope her recovery goes well!

On a lighter note, I have a new favourite picture. It was St. Patrick’s Day yesterday so Ezri and I wore green with our matching Mike Wazowski outfits! LOVE IT!!!

Little Monster & Mamma Monster


Mar 8

Sun '15

Letter to Ezri: 4 months old

4 months old

Dear baby girl Ezri,

You’re getting so big! You are officially in the double digits for weight! You last weighed in at 10lb 2oz! You are now in size 1 diapers. You were in newborn diapers a lot longer than I had expected. I assumed 2-3 weeks at most, but you went 3.5 months!! Tiny girl. The doctor is not concerned with your slower weight gain, as you have almost doubled since right after birth when you lost 10% of your body weight. I miss tiny Ezri, but I am excited to continue to see you grow and thrive.

You had your first cold this month. It was very sad for your dad and I to see you as a sick little girl. Your little coughs broke my heart. We had to use saline and a nasal aspirator to help clear your nose. You hated the sucking part the most. We think it helped you breathe a bit better though. Despite our efforts to apply copious amounts of Vaseline, your little nose must have been sore because you always squirmed away when we went to wipe it. In the end, all we could do was wait for your little body to fight the cold. I never left your side the whole time you were sick. You still have a bit of a cough and I can hear some of the mucus stuck in your throat. I’m hoping you’ll kick it to the curb soon. Of course both you Dad and I caught the cold as well. But it really didn’t matter because you were our top priority!

At the beginning of this month, your favourite thing to do was blow raspberries. You didn’t even care how much drool came out of your mouth when you did it either. You copied anyone who blew raspberries at you as well. It was super cute. Now you are only doing it occasionally because your hands are ALWAYS in your mouth. When they aren’t taking up valuable mouth space, you like to chatter and explore your voice!

You started with your first tiny giggles this month. You especially like to laugh when we play peek a boo. Something about the word BOO makes you very happy!

I can’t believe I haven’t told you this yet, but your sneezes are very unique. You are quite a dramatic sneezer. If you are sitting up and have full motion of your head, your sneeze gets full movement. You put your head all the way back when the sneeze is coming and the put your head all the way forward as the sneeze is exhaled. It’s so funny. I can tell we’re going to have a drama queen on our hands.

Your Dad and I are still trying to figure out why you continue to hate riding in the car. We have been trying you out in a different car seat that your Grandma bought for you for future use. Unfortunately it hasn’t proven to have made much of a difference. You still cry no matter what. We are currently trying out a portable dvd player set up in front of you to try to keep you happy. I know I shouldn’t be letting you watch so much TV at such a young age, but I’m seriously getting desperate. I just want to keep you somewhat happy while we’re out. It stresses me out when you cry and wail, so we haven’t been going out as much. It’s very sad, honestly, because there are so many exciting places out there that I want you to see.

You’re beginning to lose some of your baby hair! You have a little bald spot at the back of your head where you lay to sleep. The rest of your hair is definitely thinning. Your daddy and I hope that it will grow back curly and red or strawberry blonde! In any case, at least we are matching because I am losing a TON of hair as well. That’s what happens postpartum from pregnancy, so I’ve been told. The entire house is covered with hair!!

I am amazed at how you continue to learn each and every day. You are now holding your toys if I put them within your reach. You will sometimes grab them on your own as well. It’s amazing how everything seems to end up in your mouth. I heard this is just the beginning of that phase as well!

We tried you out in the jolly jumper, but you don’t really know what to do with it yet. The first time you were in it, you looked at me and then promptly pooped. I’m hoping that’s not a sign of dislike for it! Haha, nah, you are still pretty young to start jumping on your own. It’s still nice to put you in it for a few minutes so you can get accustomed to it.

Sleeping for long periods isn’t quite your favourite thing, but your Dad and I are working at getting you to nap in your crib, so you can get used to the room. At night, you still sleep in the cradle next to our bed, but we might move you to your own room soon. I have grown so attached to you being right next to me that I know I will find it difficult to not have you there. Plus, nighttime feelings are so much more comfortable laying in bed!!

Ezri, I love you to the edges of this Earth and back and I will love you forever and ever.

Love your Mommy

Ezri 4 months

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