May 18

Thu '17

Still sick

Last month I posted that I was going to try going gluten free to see if it would help with my stomach issues. I did it for almost 2 weeks and unfortunately, there was no change to how I felt. I still felt as sick as I had been.

As of now, it has almost been 4 months of this horrible sickness that I am battling with. It comes and goes, but I feel nauseated most nights. I have a few good days, and then the sickness comes back. I’ve been to the doctor a few times and she has ordered some tests to try to determine what’s going on. I will get the results next Thursday. I am hoping nothing is wrong, but in the same mind, I wish there will be something so we have something to go on. It’s very possible it could be stress related. At this point, there is nothing to go on. It’s frustrating and making life quite difficult some days.

In better news, the girls are getting along so well. With each passing day, Jadzia is learning new things and enjoying everything so much more. She laughs at her silly sister’s antics. It’s so sweet to see them bonding. Ezri has become a little mimic and is saying or doing something new every single day. She’s turning into quite a big “little” girl. My heart is so full with the love I feel for my beautiful girls. I wanted to post some of my favourite shots from the last few months! Plus a little video of the girls dancing together too! Enjoy :heart:

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Apr 28

Fri '17

Letter to Jadzia: 5 months old

Jadzia 5 months old

Happy 5 months baby girl! I’m pleased as punch that you’re growing up and putting so much joy into our lives.

You started off this month with your second round of immunizations. You did better with the needles than the first time for sure! Luckily no fever or anything either. Sorry for the pain baby, but it’s for the better.

You came down with your third cold of your life this month. So much sneezing and stuffy nose time. At least it passed within a week.

Sleep still isn’t so great. As previous months, you are up anywhere from 3-6 times per night. We are going to have to do something more drastic in the coming month in hopes of getting you to sleep longer stretches. Everyone is super sleep deprived around our house. However, you’re napping regularity in your crib and doing well at that. I think we had 1 day where you napped 3 hours! Yay.

The Easter bunny paid you a visit for the very first time. You actually slept through all the egg hunting that your sister did, but at least you were awake during Easter dinner. Next year I’m sure you’ll love collecting all the eggs with Ezri.

We had ourselves an all girl week this month because your daddy had to go away on a business trip. You were a lucky girl as we went over and visited your grandma and grandpa every night that your daddy was gone! You got lots of cuddles from them. You didn’t even make strange with daddy when he came home either, so that’s a bonus.

You are interacting and laughing at your sister so much. She loves to entertain you and can’t stop kissing your forehead. You think it’s funny when she does silly things. Whenever you cry, Ezri says, “Oh no, don’t cry baby” to try to make you feel better. She will often bring you a toy as well.

Grabbing things into your mouth is your favourite thing and everything within your reach is fair game. I can no longer eat while holding you because you want my fork, food, water glass, etc…basically everything that is near you. You love to try to get it all towards the vicinity of your mouth. Heck, you’ll even suck on the table edge if you can get close enough. You must be teething.

Two days before you turned 5 months, you rolled over!!!! You went from front to back with purpose. You’ve since done it about a dozen times. We are so proud of you. Hoping that rolling back to front will come soon too!!

Baths are a nice way for you to relax before bed time and you are really enjoying the water lately. It makes me excited to get you into a swimming pool! I hope you’ll grow a great love for the water.

The months are sure zooming by, but I am loving every single minute that you’re in our lives.

Love forever from your Mommy

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Apr 19

Wed '17

Sick babies

My poor baby is sick. Ezri started off with a runny nose last Wednesday and then preceded to keep us up most of the night. She wouldn’t stop crying and whining. None of our usual tactics to calm her down would work. Peter and I were actually quite worried as we had never seen her act that way before. We actually moved downstairs and watched TV for a bit in the middle of the night. Never has that happened before. Finally she passed out for a couple hours, but it didn’t last long. As Peter had to work, my Mom and I took Ezri to the clinic Thursday morning, just to be safe. We wanted to rule out anything we could. Luckily, we got in to see the doctor quite quickly so there wasn’t too much waiting. There wasn’t much to be done and we were sent home with instructions to try to help her feel better.

Now, it’s been a week and Ezri is still sick. She developed a terrible cough over the weekend and we know her throat is sore. She is very cranky whenever she has a coughing fit. She refused to take any medication for days, but finally took some last night and today. She only sleeps a couple hours at night and then is up coughing and whining again. Naps are barely an hour long before she’s up crying again. It’s been a tough week for sleep, what with being up with Ezri AND Jadzia more than 8x per night.

Ezri has never had a cold this bad before. I am hoping it’s not something worse than just a cold. I’m always worrying. If her coughing is still this bad by Friday, I think we will take her back to the clinic. Thank goodness for our wonderful health care system.

Of course Jadzia has caught this cold as well. She only seems to have the runny nose part and a tiny cough. She’s definitely in better spirits than Ezri is. I am hoping she will recover soon too.

It hurts my heart to have my babies sick. I feel so helpless. Hoping everyone becomes 100% once again very soon!

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