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Week in Review – July 7/16

Well here is my first week in review post and it’s already a couple weeks old. HAHA. However, I wrote it and I still wanted to post it. I will probably learn how to organize and fine tune them eventually but fair warning that this one may be all over the place.

I had last weekend off from work as we had family in town so I only worked two days this past week. It was Stampede week and so it was BUSY! There wasn’t quite enough staff on either. At the end of each day my coworkers and I definitely agreed that we got beat up. Sad, but they were both great money making days. I also dressed up in western/stampede gear so I was definitely more hot than usual. Since my usual uniform isn’t very form fitting or flattering, my bump could be seen really well in my western clothes. I had many people commenting on my pregnancy. YAY

This week was busy and exhausting. We had family staying at our house and family at my Grandma’s house. My cousins and their 2 little girls were at our house and Ezri and the older daughter had a blast together!!! They played so much. It was the first time they met and they instantly clicked. The youngest daughter is 5 months and it was so refreshing to have baby blood in the house and to see how Ezri interacted with a smaller baby. Something to look forward to in a few months. I captured an adorable video of Ezri giving kisses to the baby. :heart: She was learning how to be gentle and it was precious.

Many eventful days this week. We went to the Stampede parade, went down to the stampede grounds and saw the grandstand show and the chuck wagon races. We wandered around the grounds but not too much as it was raining. It has been raining all week actually which is kind of a bummer. Ezri decided she didn’t want to walk anymore at the Stampede if someone was holding the leash to her backback. So she just lay down on the ground until we let it go. So funny.

My Mom and I both celebrated our birthdays this week so those were a couple more events to add to our busy list. We threw a surprise 60th birthday party for my Mom. It was great to organize but even greater because we decided to have it catered at a venue which meant no clean up or prep. Definitely the way to go for parties from now on, especially for this busy mama!

My family did a few other touristy things that I didn’t participate in because I was at work or had other plans. However it was wonderful to see everyone and especially to see the kids play together.

There was so much stimulation for Ezri this week that naps have been all over the place. Night sleep hasn’t been too bad, but it will be nice to get back into our normal routine.

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I am officially stepping into my 21st week of pregnancy this week and so that means I am more than halfway through!! I am feeling great (except for a minor cough/cold) and I’ve even been feeling the baby move a whole bunch. It’s wonderful and I look forward to when Peter and maybe even Ezri can feel it. She still doesn’t even know what’s going on and may not understand until baby gets here.

We had our anatomy ultrasound and had decided not to find out the gender. We didn’t find out with Ezri and it was such a great surprise at the end of everything that we wanted to do it again. However, on impulse while at the scan, I decided to take our gender reveal envelope. I have had ZERO temptation to look at it. It hasn’t moved places since the day we got it and I honestly have no idea why I took it. I don’t want to know what this baby is until it’s ready to meet the world. I’m thinking we should just burn the envelope. Of course, I haven’t had the urge once to look at it so obviously it’s not that big of a temptation for me.

We still haven’t decided on a girl’s name and it might be another hard decision for us. Ezri didn’t have a name until a couple hours after she was born. It may happen again! So many options but to agree on one is the key. Our boy’s name has been set since before Ezri was born so we won’t have to worry if that’s the case.

I think that’s all for my week in review (from a few weeks ago). It was definitely a busy busy one and I’m looking forward to something a little less stressful this week!

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Jul 10

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My 29th birthday

29th birthdayI have officially entered my 29th year of life. I celebrated my birthday today with family and some delicious fondue (oil, broth & cheese). We have some relatives in town from Ontario for the week and it was amazing to be able to spend my special day with them.

We have so many plans this week including going to the Calgary Stampede tomorrow! It’s already been a busy past few days and the fun isn’t about to stop until next weekend.

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted an update on this blog, but I sure get caught up in what I’m doing offline rather than writing about it here. Maybe I will write a few posts and have them ready to go in the next few weeks. I can always dream I will do it, right? Maybe a week in review thing like Cristina does. It gives me a good reason to blog each week.

Anyway, bed now because another big day of fun tomorrow!


Jun 2

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Ezri is getting promoted!

Peter, Ezri and I have some exciting news to share. Come November, Ezri will be promoted to a BIG SISTER!

Baby #2 coming soon!

My official due date is November 27th, so right now, I am 14.5 weeks along in my pregnancy. I have to say that this pregnancy has already been so different from Ezri’s! Oh let me count the ways…

I was lucky enough to never get any morning sickness with Ezri but unfortunately I did with this one. I was so nauseated from week 5 to week 10, but thankfully I never actually threw up. I have noticed that my gag reflex is a lot more sensitive than it ever has been though. If I cough too much, I start heaving and it’s not a fun story. Boo. Very unfortunate.

Also, right at the very beginning of Ezri’s pregnancy, I got what I liked to call “death cramps.” Literally bawled into a fetal position until they passed. Lasted about a week. That did not happen this time.

I’ve already had a little bit of heartburn whereas that didn’t start until the 3rd trimester with Ezri. Luckily, it can be easily remedied with tums. I carry them with me everywhere just incase.

I had the same amount of fatigue in the first trimester and so I took advantage of Ezri’s naps to get 50 winks as well. Peter was really good at helping out with her if I was just too pooped to do anything. Having the support of a partner means everything. I am feeling a lot less tired now that I am in my second trimester, but I’m still taking it easy. Having a toddler can be exhausting.

I am so looking forward to when I can feel the baby move. It is the most amazing feeling in the world. It’s like my little secret that no one else knows about. It’s so life affirming. Really miraculous!

I am going with midwifery care again for this pregnancy. I was so pleased with how my care and birth went with Ezri, that I’m ecstatic to do it again. We are so fortunate here in Alberta that we get the choice of a midwife or doctor and that both are covered by health care. Very grateful. We’re thinking another home birth as Ezri’s birth happened so fast. Don’t want to have a baby on the side of the road! However, knowing my luck, I’m going to have an opposite labour and it’s going to last for days. Crossing my fingers that doesn’t happen.

So very excited about the coming months and getting prepared to expand our family!!


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