Jun 20

Sat '15

Jurassic World

Today was a great day. It started out with grocery shopping with Peter and Ezri bright and early. I normally go shopping alone with Ezri, so it was very nice to have Peter there for a change. Then we stopped at a local bakery for some croissants for breakfast. They were so flaky and delicate. I got mine stuffed with ham and cheese and peter had spinach and feta. So tasty, but not something to have every day!!

Chris Pratt in Jurassic WorldAfter a bit of house cleaning, I left for a movie with a friend. We went to see Jurassic World. I actually really really enjoyed it. I spent this past week watching Jurassic Park 1, 2 & 3 in order to be prepared for the new movie. I wanted to get all the references in the new movie (if there were any). I have always really liked all the Jurassic Park movies, so I was quite excited for the new one. I knew that with the technology we have these days, the digital magic would be very good. I wasn’t disappointed. The movie is honestly awesome. I want to see it again actually. It will definitely be one to buy when it is released on DVD.

I loved seeing Chris Pratt in his leading man role! All I really know him from is Everwood and it was a very different role than in Jurassic World. I haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet, so I can’t compare to that. I know, do need to get on that LOL. ANyway, he’s turning into quite the leading man in Hollywood! Good for him :D

After the movie, we walked the mall a bit and visited my FAVOURITE store, Hot Topic. It opened on Wednesday here in Calgary. I AM SO EXCITED about it! It is always my favourite store to visit when we go anywhere in the USA. They have such great merchandise from Disney and the latest movies and such. I own so many pieces of clothing from HT! It is a dangerous store to have so close, but I am VERY HAPPY it is here!


Jun 8

Mon '15

Letter to Ezri: 7 months old

7 months old

Dearest Ezri,

You are so cute and adorable. I can’t believe how much you are growing and advancing. You are reaching all the right milestones and you make your Daddy and I so proud! Welcome to your 7th month of life!

Over the past month, your Daddy and I have tried giving you quite a few new foods. You don’t seem too keen on anything but rice cereal, but we are working on it. You LOVE ice cream. I probably shouldn’t have given that to you for the first time so young, but you are just so cute when you eat it. You see the container and get SO excited! It’s pretty bad that you know what is inside of it. Please don’t develop my sweet tooth!! Oh and you like to suck on french fries. You seem to be able to suck the inside of the fry into your mouth and you seem to like it. Oops again. Bad food, I know! What have I done!?! Haha, anyway, you’ve tried so many things and there’s one thing we know for sure, you like purées. If anything has any kind of chunky consistency, you gag and gag. Just not quite ready for big chunks yet. We will continue to offer you a variety of foods though!!

You love to scream. It’s so adorable. I love how you are exploring your voice. You even talked to yourself in the mirror the other day. So cute.

You had your 6 month immunizations this month. You did marvellously. Your Daddy had his own immunizations as well. Both of you were so brave! We were hoping that you would magically start sleeping again because it was your 4 month shots that caused you to stop sleeping (yeah, that’s what we’re going with). It hasn’t really worked. You are taking longer naps (sometimes), which we are so grateful for!! You actually had your longest nap ever yesterday, clocking in at 2 hours 12 minutes! AH. Although napping times are still all over the place. They can range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. The sleeping at night has improved a TINY bit. You have had 3 nights this month of a 7 hour stretch. Those nights were amazing!! Usual nights you are up at least 3 times before 6AM, but at it’s not every 2 hours anymore.

Your weight is still slowly going up. You are now 12lbs, 2oz. Your Daddy and I are thinking about moving you up to size 2 diapers!! We have finally put away all your newborn and 0-3 month outfits. You are wearing size 3-6 month outfits now. Your height is increasing faster than your weight. You are in the 25 percentile for height, but below the percentile curve for weight. Hey, we’ll take what we can get!!

It’s a tie between what you like better: the jolly jumper or just rolling around on the floor. In the jolly jumper, you look like a little trampoline artist! Jumpy, jumpy! It’s so amazing how you figured out how to do it. Then when you are on the floor playing, you are rolling around in every available free space. One second you’re on the left side of the room, then all of a sudden you’ve managed to get to the right side. We have to keep a close eye on you as you have already rolled down the two small steps we have in the living room. Luckily they were carpeted and you weren’t hurt in any way. We are awaiting on the arrival of the baby gates we ordered! You have also begun to get up on all fours. After you’re up, you just can’t figure out how to move forward. You rock a little bit on the spot, but that’s about it. The crawling is just around the corner I am sure. We had to put a little alphabet mat down over the carpet in the living room where you play because you were getting carpet burn on your arms and legs. Poor girl. You just like to move so much!!

You can kind of, sort of sit up on your own. You have to have your arms on the ground supporting you still. However, it’s neat to see you sitting there looking around. It’s a new height for you! By next month, you will be a pro at sitting up!!

You are spending a bit more time outside now that it’s nice out. You are old enough to have sunscreen on so we can have you out in the sun and shade a lot more! I like to think you enjoy the hot weather, but it’s hard to tell really.

Your Grandma and I took you on your second road trip and first time to the USA! We drove down to Great Falls, MT for a bit of shopping. It was very fun. You were an absolute angel in the car and did not complain too much. The trip took a little longer because we made a few longer stops. We wanted to let you stretch out of the car seat a bit. You enjoyed watching movies on the DVD player for the car ride! The trip was tiring for all 3 of us, but I can definitely see us going away together again.

The months are truly flying by, but I always look forward to everything new and exciting in the next!!


Your Mommy

Ezri 7 months

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Jun 3

Wed '15

I’m alive, I swear!

Wow, June already. I can’t believe how fast time is going by. I only blogged once in May and I am sad about it. The whole month I thought about all the blog posts I wanted to write, but I just didn’t take the time to actually write things down. So a month went by in no time flat. I thought I would have tons of time while on maternity leave but I just keep finding things to do and projects to take on. I barely have time to just sit and veg on the couch. Ezri loves to be on the ground rolling around and playing with toys, so I have way more free time with my hands. I am always finding something to do rather than sitting in front of the TV all day. I guess that’s a good thing but I am never going to get around to watching all the TV shows and movies I had planned to. Lol. 

So the Weight Watcgers thing is going. Not well, but it’s going. My Mom and I have been at it for 8 weeks now and all I have to show for it is a loss of 3lbs. Yes, it’s better than nothing, but I had hoped to have done better. It’s a roller coaster of ups and downs each week. I haven’t actually dedicated myself 100% to the program, so I’m not surprised about only losing 3lbs. This week I took the group journal to track so I am hoping it will help me dedicate myself to tracking! I have yet to complete a full week of tracking so this might give me that extra motivation because I know people will see my journal for the week. 

In an extra effort to try to get back on the wagon, I’ve decided to participate in Roni’s #milestreak. It is to help people get back into running by aiming to run at least a mile (1.61kms) every day in June. I have been successful so far and I hope to keep it up for the rest of the month. I am looking forward to, hopefully, seeing my pace increase and time decrease to run the mile. Heck, I may even decide to run a little further, but I am starting with the one mile first. 

I don’t have too much more to say right now. I know that I’ll be back on the 8th to write another letter to Ezri!! 


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