Oct 18

Sat '14


Life sure flies by when you’re not paying attention. I can’t believe it’s already more than halfway through October. I ordered a Halloween maternity shirt off of etsy at the end of September but only found out on Thursday that it wouldn’t even have been shipped until the 20th of October. I was not a happy camper. I wished the shop owner had mentioned the delay on her main page before my purchase was made. I would NOT have shopped with this person because I knew it wouldn’t come in time for Halloween. It’s not as if I can use this shirt next year either because, duh, I won’t be pregnant. RAWR. I messaged the owner telling her how upset I was. She got a little pissy and cancelled my order altogether. So now I do not even have time to try and order another shirt from a different shop. Oh well. I’ll just have to think of another costume to wear.

In other news, Mom and I are definitely planning on going shopping in Great Falls, MT next week. We will leave on Wednesday and return on Friday. We aren’t going to make any hotel reservations just incase something happens with baby between now and then. Also just incase the border guards don’t let me into the country. They have every right to use their discretion and not allow me in if they see me as some kind of “risk” because I am 36 weeks pregnant. Obviously driving into the country is no where near as risky as flying into the country, but they still may turn us away. If we do make it to Great Falls, it’s a little less than 2 hours from the border. Therefore, if for some crazy reason, I go into labour early, we will just throw everything into the car and speed back into Canada as fast and safe as we can. There aren’t a whole bunch of things that I need/want to get in the states, but it’s really about the getting away thing. I love spending time with my Mom and this will be the last time we go away together alone without a baby. It’s kind of a bittersweet thing. I’m ready for this next life adventure, but I am also sad to leave my past adventures behind.

Speaking of my Mom and babies, we went to the Calgary Baby & Tot show today. I feel like we got a lot of great information/tips/tricks. I am looking forward to going through all the pamphlets I received to see what is useful and what isn’t. I want to make sure I know how to start an RESP for baby as soon as it’s born and start contributing for its education. Of course there were free samples and things like that, but not as many as I thought there would be. I was most looking forward to entering a draw to win a 3D ultrasound package. Unfortunately I found out that I am too far along. They only perform ultrasounds up to 32 weeks. Oh well, I guess I didn’t really want another ultrasound because we’ve waited this long to find out the gender, what’s one more month (or less!!!).

I had every intention of decorating for Halloween, but I just really haven’t felt in the mood to do it. When we moved into this house, I put the decorations into an easy to grab place because I knew I would need them soon. Well it’s just not motivating me enough. I am finding it hard to concentrate on anything other than this baby. It is seriously consuming my life and thoughts. It’s a good and bad thing. I want to concentrate on other things so the time goes by fast, but every time this little baby kicks, I feel weak at the knees. It truly is the most amazing feeling. I will definitely miss it. However, I will have a bundle of joy to cuddle instead.

Peter and I started our prenatal classes 2 weeks ago and I think they are going pretty well. Just call me a sponge right now because I am trying to absorb every single thing I can. I love learning about the journey ahead. Learning really is an addiction and it feels so good to be increasing my knowledge. The only downside to being 36 weeks pregnant is that I get up to pee at night every 2 hours. Seriously, I have been keeping track! I will leave this post with the most accurate pregnancy cartoon I have ever seen in my entire life!

Pregnancy problems


Oct 8

Wed '14

Maternity photoshoot


Peter and I had some maternity photos done last week! I am so happy with the results and I know we will remember this pregnancy in more ways than our memories. We had initially planned to go into fish creek park to take the pictures, but we ended up just staying in our backyard to do them. I am very pleased there was no need to even travel to get them done.

The entire set has been added to an album on Flickr, so please feel free to view them all there. However, I will also post a couple of my favourites! Now we also have to decide which ones to order in print to frame and display on the walls.

Carolynne & Peter Maternity

Carolynne & Peter Maternity

Carolynne & Peter Maternity

Carolynne & Peter Maternity

Carolynne & Peter Maternity


Sep 30

Tue '14

Another Comic Expo

On Saturday morning, Peter and I got up extra early and set out on a 3 hour road trip to Edmonton. We were on our way to the 2014 Edmonton Comic Expo. It was our second year driving up to Edmonton to visit the expo and to be honest, probably our last. It just wasn’t as fun as we wanted it to be. We might be getting a little tired of them? We’ve been to 5 expos in the last 3 years and they are basically the same thing each time. The only thing that really changes are the celebrity guests. As we are too cheap to pay for autographs or photographs, the change up of guests really doesn’t matter to us.

Once we got to Edmonton, we stopped at Cora’s for a delicious breakfast before the expo. As it was 9:30am on a Saturday morning, we had to wait about 25 minutes for a table. After breakfast we finally made our way to the expo. It was nice arriving after opening because we didn’t have a huge line to wait in as we have had done in previous years. We wandered around the vendors and admired all the amazing costumes. So much thought and effort go into them, it’s nuts. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture, but my favourite costume was a woman who wore plain clothes, but she had a puppet of Audrey II on her right hand. It was so cool! I love Little Shop of Horrors so it made my day. She was rushing off somewhere so I didn’t want to bother her for a picture. Peter and I didn’t dress up, but we wore some nerdy t-shirts.

I bought some BTTF Delorean earrings from my favourite vendor, Pinz N Thingz and also an awesome headband that says POW, so it will match my POW earrings and POW sweatshirt! I can’t wait to wear them all as a combo. We also bought this adorable little onesie quoting Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. After 5 different expos, Peter finally give in and bought a matching set of sword and shield from Zelda. He’s been humming and hawing for years and finally splurged. They are hanging on the wall in his man cave already. He’s a happy guy. Of course we also had to take our traditional expo selfie:

Edmonton Comic Expo 2014

After the expo, we decided to zip over to West Edmonton Mall for a bit of shopping. We didn’t really want to go, but we thought we were all the way there that we probably should. Well we didn’t end up buying a single thing expect lunch. We could have been on our way home 2 hours earlier. Oh well, we made it home eventually. We also know how to make a separated 6 hour road trip seem like an all day thing. Haha, as I have a little baby kicking my bladder all day long, I had to use the washroom a lot more than I would have liked. So we made a couple impromptu stops in towns we’d never been to before. While we were stopped we also felt the need to stock up on snacks. So silly. We truly know how to road trip! LOL :D

So we’ve come to the conclusion that we are only going to attend the Calgary comic expo from now on. As I said above, same stuff every year and it’s getting a little boring. I also think that Edmonton has lost it’s allure for me. I used to love going there to shop and visit. They had many stores that Calgary didn’t have. Well now Calgary has everything (and more) that Edmonton has, so it’s really not worth the drive. My Mom goes to Edmonton for business a couple times a year and I might go with her once in awhile, but other than that, I don’t foresee myself going again any time soon.


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