Apr 14

Mon '14

Moving updates

So Peter and I have been extremely busy this week. We have had showings to see over 15 houses and still haven’t found “the one.” We have decided that we aren’t going to move unless we find something we really love. We want to be wowed. I would say we some-what settled for our first home, so we are being super picky with this second home. I know there isn’t a perfect house, but we want to get as close as we can. We know what we want and we also know what we do not want. It’s a large and difficult combination of things to work with. Our realtor has been so great. I know she will find us the perfect home, eventually.

I have to say I am a bit discouraged with all this house shopping, however. Reason being is that it is definitely a seller’s market out there. There are numerous bidding wars over many houses and they are flying off the shelves. People are getting in there quick and snagging up what they want. Some houses don’t even last 2-3 days on the market before being sold. It’s ridiculous. Very unfortunate for us, who want to hum and haw and take our time before making a huge commitment. We really don’t have that luxury in a market like this. It kind of sucks. Each time I think I find a great house on the real estate website, it’s gone by the time we try to make an appointment for a showing. I wish they would remove it from the website so that I don’t start falling in love with it!!

We are headed to see another one tomorrow which is in the best location we have seen so far. It was only just reduced in price today to come into our price range. I can see it going fast now that it is a bit cheaper. I hope that we have our chance to see it and maybe put an offer in if we fall in love. If not, I am sure there will be others, but I admit that I am getting a little tired of disappointment.

Peter and I have also been to see the bank and a mortgage broker to get pre-approval for our loan. Of course we want the lowest interest rate that we can get as well. It’s quite the process. Here’s hoping that we get approved for the amount we wish!

Hopefully next time I blog I will have a big house announcement to make. Maybe, maybe not.


Apr 3

Thu '14

A big move?

Over the past couple days, Peter and I have been talking very seriously about moving. When we bought and moved into our current home in 2008, I never thought we would ever move again. I wanted to be a one house girl. Seriously, moving is such a pain in the butt!! However, we are now thinking about our future and that we might need some more space when we start having kids.

Our house is about 975 square feet on the main level and it is perfect for the two of us right now. We have our master bedroom that houses our very large kingsize bed. Then we each have our own room where our computers and personal possessions are kept. There is a decent sized living room and kitchen and our little bathroom is great. The basement is currently rented out by a young couple and so it is off limits to us. That’s okay. It brings in some extra money and we can’t say no to that! However, due to our limited space, we have storage in every nook and cranny of our top floor. Things are perched precariously and messily and it’s not very nice to look at or entertain in. If we had a child, it is 100% NOT childproof and trying to find a place for everything would be a nightmare. Hence, the idea of upsizing to a bigger house.

At first I was opposed to the idea of moving, but it is just making more and more sense to me now. We have been looking at realtor’s listings all day and will go to see a few this coming week. I have to say it will be nice to get away from all this construction around our current house right now. We used to have beautiful green-space behind our house, which was one of the selling points for us. Now it has been demolished and it currently a giant mess of construction. I HATE IT so much. Our house vibrates from the pounding and digging. It’s hard to sleep in past 7AM because they are out there at the crack of dawn drilling and nailing and messing around. Plus, they are constantly blocking off the alley and access to our parking pad with their large machines. I know construction is just a part of life, but it’s almost unbearable. I would have been okay if we had been notified of this new addition, but it just started one day a couple years ago and hasn’t stopped since. They are supposedly rebuilding a senior home (which is currently located across the green-space) or something along those lines. I really have no idea. See before and after pictures below and please ignore the sorry state of our fence :( :

Before Construction Construction

Although, we will still find a place in south Calgary, I will be sad to move away from this area. It is SO close to shopping that has every store I could ever need within a few KMs. Plus, it is a hop, skip and a jump away from Fish Creek Park. As a runner, I love being able to go down into the park whenever I want while starting and finishing from my house. It’s very convenient. We will try our best to find a close location to Fish Creek, but it may not be in the cards.

We are looking for a house with at least 3 bedrooms upstairs (and at least 1 downstairs) and most importantly, A GARAGE! Never again will I live in a house without a garage. In fact, before we started talking about buying a new home, we were planning on building a garage in June. However, if we are moving, we won’t be building one.

The current plan is not to sell this house, but to rent it out when we leave it. That way we will still be pulling in a bit of rental income and we’ll own two houses. The hope is that we will be approved for a second mortgage. That may be the hardest part of everything. Well, we will come to that hurdle when it comes. We need to find a new house that we both like to start off with! We should be quite busy in the upcoming weeks!


Mar 26

Wed '14

Boring life

I had not meant to neglect my blog for almost two weeks, but it just kind of happened. Life has been so busy and so many things have taken up my time. I have been working quite a bit more than usual because we are very short at work. I can’t wait until I go back to a some-what normal schedule. It is killing me. We haven’t been eating at home very often and Subway has become our restaurant of choice. Although, I did make homemade pizza tonight and it was delicious.

Peter came home and surprised me today! He booked Friday off so that we could have a day off together!! How amazing is that? I am so happy. We plan on going out for breakfast and then probably watching a million episodes of Big Bang together. That’s life lately and I love it. Sweet and simple.

No ideas for future blog posts. Life is boring and it really shows with the lack of posts. Hopefully I will be back soon.


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