Nov 27

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It’s my due date today

Well everyone, it’s my due date today. I honestly will admit that I didn’t think I would see this day and still be pregnant. I wish I hadn’t had any kind of early expectations for my labour because as much as I am trying not to be disappointed, I am. Ezri came an entire week early and I thought there would be no way I’d go later with a second child. Oh how wrong I was with that line of thinking. Heck, this baby may choose to stay inside for another week or two. Sigh. Oh well, Really I just want it to come out healthy and happy.

I am officially on maternity leave. Well actually I have been for over 2 weeks. Again, I was convinced I’d deliver early so I stopped working prematurely. I have felt a little bit useless because physically I feel as if I could still be working. Sure I am a little tired, but an extra 2 weeks of cash would have been nice.

After pondering for a bit, I have a pretty good assumption of why I haven’t had the baby yet. When I was pregnant with Ezri, I was working 5 days a week, on my feet for 7 hours a day. I was moving SO much and my body was better prepared and ready to pop that baby out early. This time I’ve been sitting around more often than not. Sure, we get out and go for walks, but it’s nothing like what I was doing the first time around.

If we get pregnant again, I will definitely not make any assumptions about when I will deliver. It just goes to show how different every single pregnancy and baby are! However, I know that this baby will come when it’s ready and I will be overjoyed when it does!!!

Last month we took some adorable maternity photos. I honestly LOVE every single one of them. Ezri behaved fairly well and they turned out great. I am going to link a few below, but you can view the entire album here.

Maternity baby #2 Maternity baby #2 Maternity baby #2 Maternity baby #2

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Nov 8

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2 years old

I can’t believe I am writing this, but my baby girl Ezri is 2 years old today. Wow. I cannot honestly believe how fast the past 2 years have flown by. They have simply been the best years of my life, thus far. I never knew that I was missing something before she was born. She is my reason for living and breathing. I fall more and more in love every single day. I am so happy that I get to be her Mom.

Happy 2nd Birthday Ezri!

Ezri is growing and developing each and every day. She astonishes me sometimes with the miraculous things she says and does. I swear she learns several new words each day. She learns a lot from seeing what others do and tries to do the same. She can say so many things, although she hasn’t strung together a full sentence. She’s very good at getting her point across and letting us know what she needs. She points and we can usually make a good guess on what she is trying to tell us. She has her own little personality. She is very much like me, although looks like a mini-me of her daddy.

She is a very picky eater. I’m talking VERY VERY picky. It is tough to get protein into her. She doesn’t like vegetables (except the occasional pea) and most meat is on the no-no list. She will eat some chicken nuggets but it’s only when she feels like it. However, chicken fingers are different and are not to be touched. She loves a lot of fruit and pasta, but again it all depends on how she feels and what she will eat. Something she scarfs down one day she won’t touch the next. It’s a hard gamble when it’s eating time with this little girl. Of course she will eat any kind of sweet or junk that is put in front of her. No hesitation with those things. Sigh. We still offer her healthy and nutritious food every day and hopefully one day she will choose to expand her palette.

She enjoys going to swimming lessons. She loves to jump into the pool and go down the slide, but hates to get her ears wet. She loves playing with older kids and is never scared to go up to them and say hi. She always has to be carrying something around, whether it be a toy or random object. She’s always got something in her hands. Her favourite thing is her blanky and a close follower is her soother. Although we only let her have her soother at bed, nap and in the car/stroller. We hope she will lose interest in it one day, but for now it means comfort and that is okay.

She loves being outside and going on any kind of swing. She often gets upset when we try to take her out. It’s adorable. She has finally discovered snow and her first instinct is always to eat it. We are going to watch her carefully and make sure she’s not eating any yellow snow!!!

Ezri got to travel quite a bit in her 2nd year of life. She went to Great Falls, MT (twice), Arizona, California aka Disneyland (twice) and Cranbook, BC for camping. She’s a good little traveller and I look forward to more vacations with her in the future!

We are nowhere near getting her out of diapers. She really shows no interest in learning to use the toilet yet. If she poops, she will gladly run around in it without it bothering her. We ask her if she has gone poop and she will look at us with a very straight face and say no, even though we can smell her a mile away LOL. Silly girl. It will come to her soon, I am sure. We will go at her own pace.

I know she is going to be a great big sister. She’s spent some time with younger babies and she is always very gentle with them. She pats them and gives them kisses. She even tries to give them their soother or a toy if they are crying. It’s quite adorable. She knows that there is a baby in my tummy, but I don’t think she understands that it is going to come out and be on the outside soon.

I look forward to what every new day brings and I hope that this amazing kid keeps astonishing me and learning every single thing she can about the world around her.

MMM cake Cutest Mickey Mouse Rolled up in the blanket Wizard in Training Loves being outside

Chilling on the floor with her toys Family <3

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Oct 9

Sun '16

3 Generations in Disneyland

Loves her bubbles

My Mom, Ezri and I have been back from Disneyland for a couple weeks now and I think it’s time to post about it! We had SO MUCH FUN! I came back still pregnant so that’s the best thing that could have happened! I cannot even imagine if I had the baby down there and the enormous amount of NICU bills we would have had. Anyway, let’s not think about that.

Walt, Mickey & the Castle

The trip was definitely one of a kind. I’ve never had such a nice “relaxing” Disney vacation, yet it was packed chock full. We didn’t quite finish all that we wanted to do, but I am so happy with what we did. There was no pressure to ride all the rides or go go go all day long. It was awesome. We took many breaks, went back to the hotel for nap time, played in the pool and even got a little shopping in.

Haunted Mansion HolidayEzri’s reaction to the rides that we did go on was a little different than I had expected. In case you didn’t know, this was Ezri’s 3rd trip to Disneyland. I know she’s not even 2 yet…I have a problem, but that’s a story for another time. Anyway, the first 2 times we went, she maybe wasn’t quite old enough to be scared of the rides. This time however, she was afraid of every single one, even the ones I knew she would like. It was confusing when she wailed on the carousel because she loved going on the carousel at the mall here in Calgary. She was fine if we sat on the carousel bench, but wouldn’t go on the horses. During one ride, I made her stay on the horse and once the ride was moving she loved it. She’s just a big chicken, like her Mom, I suppose. Once she was on most of the rides and they were moving, she wasn’t afraid anymore. So we went on some of the rides a couple times because she liked them. It’s a Small World was a favourite, as was Jungle Cruise. She wasn’t even too afraid for The Haunted Mansion. However, I think that was because it was decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas and she has seen the movie before. She also had her blanky and her soother, which helped a lot. Anyway, it will be a learning thing next time we go to see if she is afraid again.

She loved seeing all the characters and pointed and clapped. Although, she wouldn’t go up to them on her own. She was okay if I was with her though. She even hugged Pooh and Tigger! Yay, so cute. She held Minnie & Mickey’s hands but no hugs for them. She did save her best toddler talk for them, which was pretty cute. Of course our character visits felt rushed as there was always a huge line of people behind us. Anyhow, she met Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, Pooh, Rabbit, Eyeore, Tigger, Dr Facilier, Aladdin and Jasmine. We saw many characters from far away as well, just didn’t wait to greet them up close.

Mickey Mouse Hugging Tigger Hugging Winnie the Pooh

Minnie Mouse Minnie Mouse

Mickey Mouse Winnie the Pooh Tigger With Eyeore Eyeore Shadow Man Aladdin & Jasmine

Halloween Time Just arrived The shows, parades and fireworks were definitely the best part. She sat through all of them so well and was engaged. She danced, clapped, waved, squealed and thoroughly enjoyed every part of them. During the daytime parade, Cinderella blew her a kiss and she blew one back. OMG it was so precious. I almost died of cuteness. It was great to just sit and relax and watch these shows with her. I loved experiencing them through her eyes. During the Halloween party, the parade was very good. Loved the headless horseman at the beginning and the haunted mansion float. Heck, all the floats were amazing. The fireworks were wonderful and Ezri was wide eyed the whole time. We went trick or treating and she got the hang of holding out her basket to receive treats. The only part she didn’t get was that she should keep moving afterward. She always wanted to stop immediately after the candy reached her bucket to see what she got. So funny. The people behind us were laughing. I do wonder how she will do if/when we go trick or treating on Halloween!

Our hotel was in the most perfect spot ever. It was directly across the street to the entrance pathway to Disneyland. We walked maybe 10 minutes (including going through security, etc) until we were in the parks. I would definitely go there again. We only had a little problem with check in as they wouldn’t let us check in early and our room wasn’t even ready by the scheduled time. Luckily they held our luggage before check in and so we went to the parks early.

Fireworks The Castle Olaf

The highlight of the trip was a bubble wand that we bought for Ezri. When turned on, it plays “Under The Sea,” lights up and shoots bubbles out the top. SHE LOVED IT. She would repeat “bubbles” over and over and over. It was definitely the best $17 I ever spent. Plus, most everyone around loved seeing and playing with the bubbles. It’s a wonderful toy and I bought a couple more to bring home, just in case. ;)

Waiting for the parade Halloween time The Girls

I am so happy I was able to spend this time with my Mom and Ezri before the baby came. It was a special trip with just my girl before she becomes a big sister. It was SO IMPORTANT for me to do this. I know it’s a bit crazy to go to Disneyland while pregnant, but actually it was the PERFECT place to go. I will never forget it.

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