Jan 5

Tue '16

Goals for 2016

I’d just like to ask a simple question: where did 2015 go?! It was seriously one of the fastest and busiest years of my life. It was also the best year of my life! Ezri has completely change my life and I wouldn’t ask for anything different!! Life is definitely great. Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone! It’s only the 5th of January and I feel like the year is almost over! Ha. No, not really, just a busy, busy life. I’m not even working very much for this month because my babysitter (my Mom) is away in Arizona for the month. I am picking up a few shifts on the weekend when Peter is home, but that’s about it. I’m not complaining, I like being at home with Ezri anyway.

As for last year’s goals, I pretty much failed. Yes, I joined a new gym, but I stopped going after a couple months. Sad because it’s such a nice facility. I am still a member so I can still get going again. I tried to drink less diet pop and it worked for a bit but I found myself drinking more than one quite often. Eating out habits changed a bit. We very rarely go to dine in restaurants and seem to have become those people who order delivery! I never thought that would happen. However, I do cook quite a bit and I like to make sure I know what goes into the food that I am feeding Ezri!

So, for 2016, here are some goals I am hoping to achieve this year!

1. Spend more time cross stitching. I have let it fall by the wayside and it makes me sad. I think about picking it up to do it but then I find something else to do. When I do bring it out, I only do about 20 stitches and then I stop or get distracted. It’s sad because it used to be my absolute favourite thing to do!! Also, I’ve started knitting and I want to do more of that as well. I want to dedicate another post towards the whole knitting thing so more on that later.

2. Keep the house a little more organized. I tend to drop everything on the kitchen table and leave it there for days. I want to get things put away right away and have less clutter! I try to put Ezri’s toys away at the end of each day so it’s nice and neat for the morning. I will try to keep that up! Soon I hope Ezri will learn to do it herself LOL.

3. Try to be healthier. I sat on the couch A LOT in 2015 and it needs to change this year. Yes, I was sitting because I had a baby attached to my boob for most of the year, but that’s not an excuse anymore! It’s time to start getting healthy again so I can set a good example for my daughter!

4. Drink less pop, more tea. I have a plethora of different teas in my cupboards but I never seem to drink them. So I want to try to get into my stash and enjoy what I have at my disposal. Plus, tea with milk is just devine!!

I still want to write my usual year in review post, but I just haven’t had the time. I will definitely start working on it and hopefully have it up by the weekend! Haha, maybe. Just wanted to pop in and say hello and set out a couple goals for the year!


Dec 20

Sun '15

Well that sucks…

Something terrible happened. One of my favourite, most important, special friends almost left me forever on Friday. Was there one second and then all of a sudden gone the next, or so I thought. Of course I am talking about my good old iMac computer. I call her a friend because she is such a huge part of my life. I do everything with her. She is like a life line. Seriously.

I was working on a website for a client on Friday night when all of a sudden my screen went blank. White emptiness all across. I was shocked. What the heck happened?! I was just minding my own business and my world was turned upside down. I tried to press escape and any other keyboard shortcuts I could think of. Nothing. It was late so I turned the computer off (had to hold down the power button :( ) and went to bed. When I tried it again yesterday morning, it would start up and then reboot, on a continuous loop. It as so sad to see my friend was so sick and dying.

Okay, I know I’m being a little dramatic. However, when I paid almost $3000 not even 5 years ago for a computer, I did not expect it to die so soon. I made an appointment for the Genius Bar at the Apple Store as soon as I could. I took it in this morning. Two out of there of the initial tests they tried failed. That made them think it was the hard drive or board (or both) that needed to be replaced. Some of the repairs could be over $1000. So I was faced with a hard decision. Do I let my friend go and buy a new computer or do I have her repaired? They performed one more test and discovered the video card was dead. Great more things to go wrong. That repair was $700, a little more reasonable than $1000+, so I said to go ahead. However, something else may still be wrong. So I left my good old friend with the pros and went home, hoping for the best.

I waited with baited breath for the phone to ring, afraid of what they were going to call with. How much more could I fork out before I ultimately just bought a new computer?!?

THE GOOD NEWS: they didn’t call. Instead, I received a pleasant email a couple hours later informing me that my newly repaired computer was ready for pick up. PHEW! So only the video card had to be replaced.

When I got home, with a little less money in my pocket, I was very happy that I didn’t even have to reload my backups as nothing was erased. However, I am still so thankful that I regularly back up! If you don’t back up, DO IT NOW! You never know what can happen! Things change in a second.

So despite the drama of the day, I am glad to have my friend back at home where she should be, safe and sound. I hope she continues to be a good old reliable partner for many years to come.

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Dec 14

Mon '15

I think she’s got it, maybe?

I can’t believe I am posting about this because I am probably jinxing everything ever, but, I think Ezri is getting the hang of this sleeping thing, FINALLY! Ah. I am honestly scared to go on, but I’ve got to get it out. Ezri has been sleeping fairly well for the past few weeks. I’m talking 6-9 hour stretches and then back down for another 2-3 hours before she is up for the day. Honestly, only 1 night feeding!!! We have had a few bad nights in the past few weeks too, but the good nights are creeping into the majority! Ahh.

In fact, last night she broke her longest stretch record. She slept for 9 hours, 43 minutes!!! Omg I was so shocked. My breasts were very very full as they are not used to going so long in between feelings. Oh well, I am definitely not complaining!!

Something else that seems to have changed is she is okay with Peter trying to settle her at night again. For the past 6+ months, I have been the only one who has been able to calm her down. She would scream and get even more upset if Peter tried. It was sad for him and hard on me. But hopefully that is changing now. I guess because I’ve gone back to work and she goes down for a nap with my Mom and Peter, she is getting used to not having me around. That’s a very good thing. She shouldn’t be so dependant on only me.

Last week, I was with her for almost 2 hours one night trying to put her down to sleep in her crib. She would fall asleep in my arms, so I would wait a bit and then try to lay her down and she would wake up and wail. After 4 attempted tries, I just had to leave the room and hope she would fall asleep. Peter went in after 15 minutes of crying and was able to calm her down and get her asleep and then lay her down without waking up. Took him about 10 minutes. It was a miracle!!

Now my only wish is that Lissy’s son Owen will start sleeping better for her as well! Our kids are old enough to do it, so let’s get it done!!!

Please please please don’t let this post jinx what good things are happening for Ezri’s sleep!! :blank: :blank:

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