Apr 6

Wed '16

Tired and busy

I’ve been so tired lately that I’ve been in bed before 8pm for the past little while. Or at least sleeping by 9PM. Sigh, what kind of life must I have eh?! With work, responsibilities and Ezri, I have a full plate in front of me. I am picking up some extra hours the next couple weeks at work as well as our manager is in Hawaii (jealous!) and I am doing some of the managerial duties. It’s okay, it’s only for 2 weeks this month and 2 weeks next month. Money!! Yay.

Ezri and I are starting our 4th round of swimming lessons on Friday. I am so excited. I really hope that Ezri will excel a bit more each class now that she is a bit older. We have to practise blowing bubbles under the water! She doesn’t mind being dunked, but just putting her face under and keeping it there is tentative. I think I am a little nervous too. So we will both work on it together with the instructors!

I’ve been yearning to complete a puzzle, but every time I bring out the pieces, Ezri continuously grabs them off the table and I have to chase after her to get them back. She can reach so far onto higher surfaces now that it’s practically impossible to do anything she shouldn’t touch. I don’t want to lose any pieces either. Ah, well, it might have to wait until she is older and understands not to touch them. It’s a learning thing. She’s getting there. So many things she knows she is not supposed to do because we’ve told her a million times. She gets it eventually! Kids are so smart.

I bought Star Wars yesterday and Peter and I watched it today. We saw it for the first time just over a month ago in the theatres and so we were anxious to see it again. I can’t believe we waited 2.5months to see it the first time! We just didn’t have a chance to get away before then. It’s tough to go out on dates when you have a baby (toddler I guess now). My Mom is really great about baby sitting if we need it though. She’s my hero.

Well, as you can see, I haven’t had much of a life lately, but non-eventful can be good as well!


Mar 29

Tue '16

A great Easter weekend

Easter 2016

We had a lovely Easter weekend this year! Holidays are so much more fun when there is a little person around. It’s the innocent joy that a child experiences that is so amazing. I was lucky enough to have a friend in town for the weekend and so she was happy to see Ezri’s excitement too. Before Ezri woke up, I made sure that I hid all of her toys so that she came downstairs and only saw what the Easter bunny left for her. It worked like a charm because Ezri was so excited to see all the eggs all over the living room. Although, she didn’t quite get the point of putting them into the basket. She would try to carry as many as she could in her arms instead. As soon as she found more, she would drop the ones in her hands to pick up the new ones lol. I tried to show her how to put them into the basket and carry it around but she wasn’t having any of it. So cute anyway. I had put little treats into those little plastic eggs and I said to everyone that if she could figure out how to open them, then she could have the chocolate. Well when she was shuffling the eggs around, one of them burst open. The chocolate went straight into her mouth, no hesitation at all. Of course after that she knew how they worked and managed to get a few more open. We had to take the eggs away eventually because we didn’t want her to eat too much candy. After all, it wasn’t even 10am and she hadn’t had breakfast yet. She crashed from her sugar high at nap time beautifully, btw!! Haha.

Easter 2016 Easter 2016 Easter 2016 Easter 2016 Easter 2016 Easter 2016 Easter 2016 Easter 2016

In addition to too much chocolate for a 16 month old to handle, she also received Minnie & Mickey stuffies that were dressed up as bunnies. She LOVES them! She carries them around everywhere and gives them to anyone she sees to give them hugs. Then she takes them back and gives them hugs too. She also received an magnetic drawing board as she has been learning how to colour and hold a pen. She loves it as well.

In addition to a lovely Easter morning, I had a glorious long weekend as well. I took the weekend off work and so it was a real treat to have a nice girl’s weekend. On Good Friday, we hit up Costco and Michaels for supplies and then spent the rest of the afternoon knitting and watching movies. In fact that is what the whole weekend consisted of. It was so nice to relax and have a good time with a great friend. She feels more like a sister to me, to be honest. I am sad that she lives almost 5 hours away. We try to make the most of our visits that we can!

We had our Easter dinner on Saturday so that my friend could enjoy it with us. So many delicious dishes. We had slow cooked ham, devilled brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, cheese corn, scalloped potatoes, homemade buns and of course grasshopper pie for dessert!

Because my friend is such a close friend, we refer to her as Auntie with Ezri. This weekend Ezri started saying “Ahh-tee,” and it was the most adorable thing ever. She is slowly saying more and more things and it’s so cute every time she learns a new word or gesture. My baby is growing so much!!

Anyway, I know it’s going to be an even better Easter next year as Ezri continues to grow and learn!

Oh! On another note, I really want to write a post about knitting and my WIPs! I am hoping that will come soon!!! I am so excited about my current project so I want to share with everyone.


Feb 15

Mon '16

Disneyland 2016

Ezri & Mickey Mouse = Best friends forever :heart:
Ezri & Mickey

Ezri and I just returned from a vacation to Mesa, AZ and Disneyland!! We flew to AZ to meet my parents who had been snow birding since late December. Spent a few days in Mesa then we all drove to Disneyland for a few more days. Peter had a business trip at the same time and so he didn’t join us. Despite missing him, Ezri and I had a fantastic time!

Grandma & Grandpa were SO happy to see Ezri after a month away!
Grandpa, Grandma & Ezri

We stayed at a 55+ resort in Mesa and it was great. There were so many activities to participate in and lots of things to see. We did aqua size and then got to take Ezri in the pool afterward. Besides chilling at the resort, we spent a lot of the time shopping. The states has so many different stores and products that we don’t have in Canada.

First outdoor pool
First outdoor pool

We also went to an Olive Farm called The Olive Mill. We took a tour and learned how they make olive oil. The most important thing we learned was to always buy Extra Virgin olive oil (EVOO) or else it contains “caca,” which is basically the olive slop. Just a little tip! The flavours of EVOO I bought are roasted garlic, basil, Parmesan cream and a chunky vegetable oil based hot sauce paste. Can’t wait to start cooking with all the deliciousness!!

Fun in Mesa, AZ
Eating her very own cone Swinging At the park Nice hat!

Ezri had a couple bad nights while in Mesa, but it was mainly due to the fact she had just got a cold before we left for vacation. It is tough to sleep when you can’t breathe. I caught the same cold and we unfortunately passed it onto my Mom. My Dad thought he was getting it but he didn’t. Thank goodness. Anyway there was one night she was up for 2.5 hours. It was horrid. All in all though she did pretty well in the sleep department for being away from her normal routine.

We drove to Disneyland and the 7 hour drive went really well. Ezri slept a couple hours, watched princess and the frog and the little mermaid and had a few snacks for the rest of the time. I was sitting next to her so if she started to get antsy, I distracted her :)

60th anniversary!
Disneyland 2016

We had 2 days in Disneyland and 1 day in California Adventure. It went by fast!! Doing Disney really is so much different with a baby. It was fun to see it through her eyes. She was awake for the nighttime parade and was fascinated by the lights. Unfortunately the fireworks were cancelled due to wind on the night we wanted to see them, so that was disappointing. She went on a few rides and seemed to like the ones she went on. We tried to go on the rides she was too small for while she was napping. Her absolute favourite thing was meeting the characters. She got so so so excited!! I was a little worried because she had such freak outs with Santa Claus. But I had nothing to worry about. She met Minnie, Mickey, Pooh and Tigger. Such a lucky girl!! After meeting Mickey, we sat nearby and let her watch him for awhile. So entertaining.

Fun in Disneyland!!
Best friends! Ezri & Minnie Ezri & Tigger Ezri & Pooh

The Haunted Mansion was closed when we were there in September so I was really happy to go on that this time around! Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean were also awesome!! In California adventure I went on a ride that I’ve refused to step foot on for years: the Tower of Terror. It’s a ride that takes you up in an “elevator” and then drops you multiple times very quickly. I was expecting the drops, but I was not expecting it to shoot us up just as fast. Whew. I held onto my Daddy’s arm for dear life, all the while screaming. He was laughing and having a great time. It was so scary, but maybe, possibly, I might go on again in the distant future.

I introduced my Dad to Earl of Sandwich and he loved it. He says that he would definitely go back one day.

Ezri ran around in the grass for the first time. She’s sat on grass before, but this was her first time being able to walk on it. She was very tentative about going from grass to pavement. Almost like she was scared of the grass at first. It does have a different feel under your feet, so I don’t blame her. It was so cute.

We definitely had a great time in Disney and Ezri slept much better as she was over the brunt of her cold. We had our own little room attached to the room my parents were in, so that was pretty neat.

On the way home from California, we got a whole row to ourselves! So Ezri was able to stretch out a bit more and she loved playing with the kids behind us. She slept for just over and hour in my arms while I watched hotel Transylvania 2 on my iPad.

It was very nice to see Peter again with when we go home for sure. Ezri sure missed him. She didn’t even want to be held by me for awhile because she only wanted Daddy. So cute.

Peter and I hope to go on a family vacation together in May, so that will be something to look forward to!


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