Jun 20

Wed '07

Soul II Soul Tour


Well I am back from the concert in Edmonton. I came home a day earlier than I thought I would because I had finished shopping and so there wasn’t much left for me to do there. I bought way too much Canada stuff and that is about it. Oh and food. I wanted to buy a shirt at the Tim & Faith concert, but they were $40 bucks each and that is just too expensive.

All in all the concert was amazing. They started with a song together, then Faith sang her set, then a couple more songs together, then Tim did his set and then the last song was together. Faith’s set was good…she is a great performer and she really shows appreciation for the audience. Tim, on the other hand, I was surprised. He was really cocky! He always wanted bigger cheers and at one point he decided just to sit down and wait until the noise level reached where he wanted it. It was kinda stupid. And he would take a bite of a sandwich (at least that’s what I think it was) and spit some of it onto his band, and then would take pieces of it and throw it at them. He also threw his water bottle and guitar picks into the audience…rather hard. I mean everyone freaks out and stuff, but it could have hurt someone. Anyhow, I did pefer Tim’s music, but I liked Faith’s performance better.

Now, let me tell you…the last song was so PERFECT to end the concert. :heart: :kiss: They were sitting on chairs in the middle of the stage facing each other and they were sharing a double sided microphone. They each had their hands on each other’s thighs. And then they sang I Need You and it was so romantic. I thought it was extremely sexy too! It was just so great. Plus, they kissed after and it just finished the show perfectly.

The stage that they performed on was really unique. It was circular with the audience on all four sides and it had runways going out from all four directions on the stage. It was so cool. The floor of the stage even lit up and showed pictures and designs and stuff. I haven’t seen anything like it! Whew.

Oh and I found out why Tim & Faith didn’t come to Calgary…it is because all of their lights/speakers and equipment would have been too heavy for the Saddledome’s roof. It wouldn’t have held it. But that’s ok, because I got to go anyway right?! I did try to take some pics of the concert…but they all sucked. Maybe next time. :unsure:

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