Sep 5

Fri '08



I had an audition for Cinderella last night. It went rather well. The director and choreographer were so nice. I will find out on Sunday whether or not I got a part in the play. If I don’t, I still have 3 auditions booked for next week! They are for Fiddler on the Roof, Seasons in the West, and A Dragon’s Christmas. They all sound like great productions to be in…especially Fiddler as it is one of my favourite musicals!! LOL. Anyway, I really want to be in a play/musical again as it has been sooo long!

I have decided not to take that new job that I got. I made a list of pros and cons for both jobs and I decided that the pros for my current job outweighed everything. Although it is not perfect, I have it great where I am. I have been there for 7 years and I love it. Besides, I am still young, I have lots of time to decide really what I want to do. With the new job that I was going to take, I wouldn’t have been able to go back to school and that is something that I really don’t want to do. I want the option to go to school again! :blush: So anyway, we’ll see how it goes…

I am so anxious to get my wedding photos back! I know the photographer needs time to develop them and stuff, but I desperately want to see them! Plus, I have to wait for them until I can send my thank you cards because I want to put a little picture of Peter and I in every thank you card. :kiss: Oh well, I will just have to be more patient. Thank you to everyone for their congratulations btw! I am so happy.

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