Sep 17

Wed '08

House stuff


So we are trying to get some more stuff done on our house. We still have tons of renos to do (mostly in the basement) and we are running out of money…or the money is running out of our bank accounts. AH. I hate being house poor.

Anyway, so I spent today painting some baseboards, doing touch ups on the walls and painting sides of doors. And then when Peter got home from work, we replaced some more of our outlets and light switches. We had to figure out which switch downstairs turned off the electricity upstairs so we didn’t get shocked. Luckily, no injuries. And then I did a tiny little bit of cleaning. Surprisingly, that took all afternoon and well into the evening. ARGH.

Peter’s dad is supposedly coming over sometime next week to help us plan out the basement renos and take the measurements. We have been waiting months for him to get his act together and come help us. We finally had to literally demand that he come over and help us. So hopefully he comes over and we can actually get started. I mean we have been living here since April and we have hardly touched the basement! We need his expertise to do things as we are kind of clueless. Time and money are ticking away… :{

Sorry for the boring post about all my house crap :blank:

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