Oct 24

Fri '08

Sad movie


So I watched Into The Wild yesterday. POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD – It was a really powerful movie. My friend is the one who recommended it to me and she told me it was sad. Well, I was almost finished it and it was pretty good. But then the sad part came and it really affected me. It is such a heart-filled and moving story with a horrible tragic ending. It is a true story of Chris McCandless and the movie is based on his life after college. At the end of the movie, they included a picture of the real Chris and it was just such a powerful ending to the movie.

I was just so moved by the movie. I can’t explain it. It was hard to sleep last night because of it. I just kept thinking about Chris and his journey. Emile Hirsh played Chris and he did an amazing job. I can only imagine what it took for him to be able to play the role. A lot of training and concentration. I haven’t really seen any of his other movies, but I am going to watch some more to see more of his acting ability.

Anyway, I suggest everybody rent the movie Into The Wild and read up on the tragedy of Christopher McCandless. ITW is also a book by Jon Krakauer and although I haven’t read it yet, I heard it was good. :smirk:

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