Dec 13

Sat '08

Snow Crazy


AH! I officially hate the snow. Actually that’s not entirely true. I hate driving in the snow. It’s so scary. My car slides around all over, I get stuck in huge snow drifts, my car makes funny noises and it takes 3 times as long to get places. HMPH xP

So last Sunday we had a huge snow fall. Calgary was even on red alert (no available ambulances AT ALL) for a little while because at one point in the day, there were over 300 accidents! It was horrifying. And I had to go out in the snow because I had to do the play. It sucked. But I got around safely, thank goodness. :sick: It didn’t snow again all week and the snow had pretty much cleared completely off the road..BUT THEN, of course, yesterday it started snowing heavy again. And it hasn’t really stopped. The temperature has dropped down to -30 degrees Celsius. Ick! :dead: In the past week, we have probably received over 3 feet of snow. IT SUCKS. It’s so dangerous to drive.

It really makes me want to move somewhere that never gets snow…like California or something…except then I would have to deal with earthquakes and that’s not cool either. *grumbles* I just don’t know what to do now. Peter refuses to move south, darn it…

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