Jan 16

Fri '09



So, every year Calgary gets to play host to 3 broadway tour shows! My mom and I bought season’s tickets last year and it is now time to renew again for next year. I got an email with the line up. So coming next year are: The Lion King, A Chorus line and Fiddler on the Roof. Now, Fiddler is my favourite musical of all time. I love it and so I am very excited. Well, not only do I get to see a broadway version, it is a farewell tour for Topol!!! In case you don’t know who he is, he is the most famous person to play “Tevye” in the world. He starred in the movie version and has been in countless broadway productions. I am so totally excited that I will be able to see him live!!! He is a legend! And my mom and I have front row and so it will be like we are actually in the play because we are so close LOL! Needless to say, I am super excited. But of course, it is not for another year until I actually see the play :geek:

A little while ago, in this post, I mentioned my longing to see the new “rock opera/thriller,” Repo! The Genetic Opera. Well, anyway, I saw it on Wednesday and I was a little disappointed. It wasn’t the story that I was looking forward to. 😐 I have been listening to the soundtrack for months and I kind of formed the movie in my head, but I guess it wasn’t what the movie actually is like. Oh well, I still kind of enjoyed it, but I think I would just rather listen to the music instead of watching the movie again!

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