Apr 3

Fri '09

It’s over!


I am so proud of myself. I just beat the entire game of Final Fantasy 12 :happy: I know I am such a nerd, but it is such a good feeling to know that you have beaten a game! I am sad though because it’s over. After you beat the final boss, you can’t go back into the game. I mean I can restart from the place I last saved…but it’s not the same. Oh well. It was so fun playing it! Last time I played it, I died just as the final game boss was almost dead and it really put me off. I didn’t want to play again. So after about 2 years, I finally started playing again, and look at me now…I BEAT IT!!! Ah. I am so happy right now. But I will stop rambling on because I know it’s not very interesting :geek:

Kari has decided to let me take over the Brokeback Mountain fanlisting!!! Can you believe that?! I am so happy. It is at the top of my wishlist. Although, I am sad for her because she really doesn’t want to give it away, but due to unfortunate circumstances, she has to. I am so flattered that she chose me to be the new owner!!! I have the layout done, and so I am just working on the buttons and content now. It should be done in the next few days. :love: Look for it soon.

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