Jun 3

Wed '09

Lovely Day


Well I had a lovely relaxing day today! It was my day off and for the first time in many months, I didn’t have anything to do. The basement is FINALLY done and our tenant has moved in. So I just relaxed and did whatever I wanted to do. No pressure or stress at all. Heck, at one point, I even considered the possibility that I was bored … WEIRD! LOL

So I got out of bed and watched two movies, the Seed of Chucky and Summer’s End. SOC was really lame and nowhere near as good as the other Chucky movies and SE had a good moral to the story, but it was kind of slow. Oh well.

And then I made some low fat buffalo chicken nuggets. I used a recipe I got from my new cookbook, Hungry Girl’s 200 under 200. For any of you who haven’t heard of Hungry Girl, then I think that you need to get out from under the rock you are under. She is just amazing. She provides reduced fat substitutes to all of our favourite meals. If you are at all interested in lowering your calorie intake for every day meals, I suggest you visit HG.com!! :happy:

It was such a nice day today that I really wanted to spend some time outside. So I went for a little walk to the mailbox to deliver a letter when I decided to go to the Lake for a little swimming and sun bathing. I rode my bike over to the Lake, which is only a 5 minute ride away. I went straight into the water and it was freezing. So cold that I had to try and catch my breath. LOL. I was the only one in the water. So I got out and lay in the sun for about an hour and then I was really hot and sweaty so I went back into the water. That time it wasn’t too cold because I had been so hot. I swam a little and then took a walk around the Lake and surrounding park and then I rode my bike home. I know it’s corny but I actually felt like I was on vacation just laying in the sun and relaxing. It was such a nice feeling not to have any stress.

I made steak, mashed potatoes, garlic cheese bread and spicy broccoli for supper and then Peter and I watched an episode of Deep Space Nine.

All in all it was a wonderfully relaxing day. I have another day off tomorrow and so I hope it’s as nice as today was!! :tongue:

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