Jul 29

Wed '09

Wasp Nest


Uh oh. Peter and I think that we have a wasp nest starting under our front porch. We went out last night and I noticed two wasps go under the step. Then 1 came out. I watched it for a minute and it’s definitely happening. I’m quite upset about it because I heard that they are really hard to get rid of, especially if you can’t see the actual nest. So anyway, we bought some wasp killer foam stuff and hopefully that works and gets rid of them. I would just hate for someone to get stung when at our front door!

So my girlfriends and I went to see The Ugly Truth on Monday! It was so funny. I loved it very much and I recommend it to everyone. But on the way there, we went on a pedestrian underpass! I know it’s silly, but it was really cool. I’ve been on many many overpasses, but this one went under the road. We had to hit a button so that there would be light in the tunnel. I was with 3 other girls so it wasn’t that scary. But say I was alone and it was late at night, there is NO WAY I would use it. It’s asking for something bad to happen to you! Anyway, I don’t think underpasses are common here in Calgary, so it was neat to go on it :geek:

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