Nov 16

Mon '09

Unofficially back


Well, I don’t know if I am officially back or if I just have an urge to post…so I am just going to say that I am unofficially back :blank:

I just realized how hard it is to read a book that you get from the library. I love public libraries, I mean they were a brilliant idea! Unfortunately, I am a very slow reader. When you borrow a book from the library, you get 3 weeks before it is due back. I recently borrowed The Book of Negroes, which I put on hold back in August and finally got it. So needless to say, there is a long waiting list. I can’t renew the book after my 3 weeks. So it sucks. I like to read at my own slow poke pace and now I feel pressured to read all the time to get it done. There are so many other things I want to do to. I won’t say that the book is a “page turner” but it is very interesting, revealing and graphic. I usually like to listen to books on tape rather than read them LOL :blush: I am lazy.

My mom and I took a weekend trip to Great Falls and I found Pumpkin Spice egg nog! It is so yummy. We found it at the Wal-Mart Supercentre. I suggest every one who can, run out and get it right away! I also picked up Chocolate egg nog at the grocery store here…it is freaking NASTY! Ew. Gross. Yuck. Don’t get it whatever you do!!

Speaking of egg nog, I think that is is waaaay too early for Christmas trees and decorations. But there are already 4 people on my block who have their lights and trees up! :dead: I mean come on, by the time Christmas comes, you are going to be so sick of your decorations that you will be wishing for December 26th so you can take everything down. I think around Dec 5 is an alright time to put decorations up. Unfortunately, Peter and I won’t be putting up Christmas lights this year because last year, our electricity bill doubled. It’s just not worth the money. I will enjoy looking at everyone else’s instead.

So I sure hope everyone is watching the best new shows of the year, Glee and The Vampire Diaries! They are totally awesome and worth your attention :love: Haha, even being 22 and married, I am still such a fan girl! LOL.

Anyway, I think that’s enough random stuff for today. Hopefully I will be back soon.

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