Nov 24

Tue '09

I’m here again!!


Look at me, I’m posting again! Whooo 🙂

So I finished The Book of Negroes that I had out from the library. It was an interesting read. I must say that I am glad that I don’t live in the 1700s where there was no electricity and things were so unsanitary. I am so greatful for my house’s hot water tank and toilet and things like that. Life is so “easy” these days. Of course, back in the 1700s, they didn’t know any thing else. But boy were they missing out!! Oh and I am very happy that slavery has been abolished! It was a dreadful thing.

My Grandma and I have spent the last few days making me a Christmas skirt 🙂 I have so many Xmas shirts/sweaters but nothing to wear with them except black dress pants. There were so many beautiful fabrics that I had a really hard time choosing. I ended up picking 2 and we have made a reversible skirt 😉 It was fairly straight forward cutting it out but we had a little trouble putting the elastic in to keep both skirts together. We ended up making casings and sewing both skirts together at the top, but not the bottom. The skirt just didn’t flow correctly when the bottoms were sewn together. They must be slightly different length. Oh well. It still looks good. It was quite fun. The most boring part of sewing though is cutting out the fabric. The actual sewing machine stuff is fun! Ha. I can’t find the pictures of the fabric/skirt so you will have to use your imagination.

I was tagged by Cristina to do this little survey thing so I thought I might do it!

List three things you’re good at, three things you like about your life, three things you like about your personality and three things you like about your looks. Then challenge five people to do the same.

Three things I’m good at
1. Cross stitching
2. Acting
3. Cooking/baking

Three things I like about my life
1. My wonderful husband
2. My job (Good money and awesome co-workers!)
3. All the Canadian stuff there is out there to buy and increase my collection :love:

Three things I like about my personality
1. I am very outgoing!
2. My respect for the law and doing what’s right
3. I’m easy to like and love

Three thing I like about my looks
1. My freckles that I have all over 🙂
2. My red hair
3. My height/shortness (I like being only 5’2 :grin:)

I tag Cathrine, Kim and Jo. I could only think of 3 people :dead: I need to find more web friends! LOL

Well I think that’s a pretty good post for today 😉

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