Nov 26

Thu '09

Ian Somerhalder


So I have been watching The Vampire Diaries and one of my favourite actors is in it. That marvelous person would be Ian Somerhalder! I was first introduced to him in Lost and then I saw him again in Tell Me You Love Me. Then seeing him in TVD, it just gave me some inspiration to make a layout featuring the gorgeous actor! WHOO. It doesn’t look great in IE, but I think that it is fine in Firefox, Opera and Safari. 🙂

I desperately want to get back into Weight Watchers. I am supposed to be joining with my friend Maria, but she keeps postponing it. :unsure: She is a teacher so she does have lots of stuff to do…but if she doesn’t want to do it, I wish she would just tell me! Grr. I could just go and sign up by myself, but it is so hard to stay on track myself. I need the support of someone else I know who is doing it. I might just start and she can join if she ever feels like it!

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