Dec 31

Thu '09

Last post of the year


DexterWell, I thought that I better post one last time in 2009. I have been busy here at home. Well not really LOL :blush: I have been “busy” watching all four seasons of Dexter! What a freaking amazing show! It is so unique and captivating. I couldn’t put the remote down. I just watched episode after episode. I am so sad that it’s over now and I have to wait until September until the new season. It’s even harder because they left us with a HUGE cliffhanger at the end of the episode. In the first 3 seasons, there were no cliffhangers at the end of the season, but of course there had to be one in season 4! :doh: Ugh. Anyway, it is so fantastic that I think that everyone should watch it!! I have applied for the [+]All Characters fanlisting at so hopefully I get that.

Speaking of fanlistings, I have opened my first new fanlisting in almost 2 years! It is the fanlisting for the 2009 movie Julie and Julia. I saw it in November and thought it was just brilliant. Meryl Streep is the perfect Julia Child and she definitely deserves an Oscar nod, in the very least! So anyway, the new fanlisting is Bon Appetit!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was just perfect. A quiet one spent at home watching Dexter! Ha. Perfect. Peter and I have Christmas with his parents and family tomorrow night. We did it with my parents and family on Christmas Eve. So my Christmas still isn’t over! :happy:

Happy New Year and a great 2010 to everyone!!

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