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I am sorry that I always seem to post when I have something to complain about…BUT today I want to rant about grocery stores. First of all they rip you off with their horrible prices. Secondly, they are always out of stuff that I want if I go shopping at night. For the last few weeks it just happens that I have gone shopping around 8-9pm at night. The shelves are just empty and bare!! I wanted celery today and I went to two stores and neither had it. Last week I went shopping on Monday night and they only had half of what I wanted. I went back on Tuesday in the early afternoon and everything was restocked. So I know that they have night stockers, but it should also be constant during the day. It’s good that they restock by the next day, but just because I go shopping at night, it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t get the same selection as people who go during the day. HMPH :doh: Now I have to make a special trip to the store tomorrow just for celery…

I have started weight watchers again. My first day was last Monday and so my weigh in is tomorrow. I have not weighed myself at home all week and I am dying to know if I have lost any weight! I have been really good and haven’t cheated at all. It makes me feel better that I know I am eating healthier and I am going to lose weight. BUT, I HATE every minute of it. I work at a restaurant and it is so hard to serve all this delicious smelling food and not be able to have any of it. Everything that tastes good these days is full of fat and sugar and calories. Ugh. My best friend was eating a burger today and I was just drooling over it. I was on my way home from work and considered stopping for drive through, but instead I went home and made a chicken breast with avocado and corn on the side. Then I had an apple and kiwi for dessert. It was good and I am glad I didn’t cheat. Anyway, wish me luck for my weigh in tomorrow!

Well, I think that will be all for today. 🙂

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