Jan 20

Wed '10



Whooo! I got an iPhone today! I have wanted it for years and years! Ever since it was first announced in like 2006 or 2007. Of course it was only released in the USA then! But when it was released in Canada in 2008, only Rogers was carrying it and I was with a different service provider. Well, my provider, Telus, got it in August and I was finally able to renew my contract today and get it! AHHH! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! :love: :heart:

It has so many unique features and it really state of the art. I love the fact that it combines my iPod and phone. So now, when I am listening to music on my iPod, I will never miss a call again because I can’t hear it! The iPhone automatically pauses my music and then resumes when I am done the call. It is so fantastic!!!

Does anyone else have an iPhone? What apps do you have that you LOVE? Any recommendations? I bought Smack Talk today and it is absolutely hilarious! AHA! :happy: I am still trying to figure everything out but it is very easy to learn so I don’t have any worries.

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