Jan 21

Thu '10

Cabbage Rolls


My mom and I spent most of the day making cabbage rolls. We had bought 4 cabbages in the summer at the market for a really good price. We had just made tons then and so we put the cabbages in the freezer, knowing that we would use them in a few months. Well, I took them out to defrost yesterday and today they were totally gross. They were mushy and very smelly! EW! :dead: It was quite nasty. So just a little tip, DO NOT try and freeze your cabbage for a long period of time! Needless to say, we threw them out and went out to get fresh cabbage from the store. I wanted to use extra lean ground beef, but the lean stuff was what was on sale in the value packs and so we used that instead. We probably have about 11 meals of cabbage rolls each. Plus we gave 5 meals to my grandma :blush: It was fun. I LOVE cabbage rolls!

I discovered how to make my own ringtones for my shiny new iPhone! I really wanted a ringtone of one of the songs that I have in my iTunes, but I just couldn’t figure it out. I was googling and found this article and it worked perfectly!! My ringtone is now “Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit” sung by Neil Patrick Harris from the 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother 🙂 (Brilliant show btw!!) I am so happy. I don’t even want to answer my phone because I want to hear the song! LOL It’s silly, I know.

So currently I am going through all the songs in my iTunes and deciding which to keep and which to trash. I am moving from an 80GB iPod to a 32GB iPhone. Although I didn’t have all the space filled on my iPod, I don’t want my iPhone to be completely full either. So it is taking a while, but I don’t mind! :upsidedown:

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