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Mon '10

I just might be a Trekkie after all…


Data and his cat SpotI think I have finally come to the fact that I am indeed a Trekkie. Despite being a very mild one. :geek: Peter has been a Trekkie for many years and through that he has convinced me to watch all the Star Trek series’. We still have to watch Voyager and I do not want to watch The Original Series, but I have seen all the rest. I have also seen all the movies.

In the last few years, as we have been watching the different series’, I have learned a lot about the shows and the characters. I started out asking so many questions to Peter because I would get so lost in the episode. I had NO IDEA what was happening most of the time. But I am more experienced now about how the show works. I can even guess what is going to happen sometimes.

We watched Star Trek: Nemesis tonight. I could not stop crying at the end when Data died. He was one of my favourite characters and I am so sad that he is gone. I knew that he was going to die even before I watched the movie, but I just I couldn’t help being sad. It’s like a friend died. I know that sounds terrible, I mean he is just a TV show character…. :meh: But as we have been watching the shows, I find myself getting attached to the characters. So many times I have cried through an episode because of something that has happened. It’s crazy how it affects my emotions. I feel like I am really there with the characters sometimes.

Anyway, enough of my nerdy rambling. Sorry. :geek:

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