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Bad Day for Weight Watchers

So I had weigh in at WW on Tuesday. I lost 1.2lbs bringing my total so far to 23.8lbs. I was a little unhappy with it, but it’s better than gaining weight! Then yesterday I had a Beef Pot Pie that I had in my freezer and it alone was 14 points (of my daily 29 points). I had to use some of my bonus points yesterday. And then today I had a complete weak moment and had Mcdonalds. So my lunch alone was 22 points. I have exactly 2 points left for supper. Great. Ugh. I will have to dip into more of my bonus points. I hate using them because then I feel that I won’t have as good results at the scale. 🙁 Stupid moment of weakness.

It is SO hard to lose weight. Yet, somehow, really easy to put it on. As I am typing this, Peter has gone out to the store to buy himself some potato chips. I told him that he has to hide them and make sure he doesn’t get any kinds that I like LOL. Bad day, very bad day.

Has anyone else struggled with their weight and weight loss? :blank:

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One Response to “Bad Day for Weight Watchers”

  • Cathrine
    March 26, 2010 @ 3:05 am

    Oh yes, I’ve been overweight ever since I hit puberty, but I have never been motivated enough to do something about it until this year.

    My main goal is actually not only to lose weight though, it’s to change my lifestyle. I want to get healthier and to be able to do daily activities without getting tired, and that means losing weight.

    The main things I have done is: exercise intensively for at least 30 minutes every weekday, only eat candy, chips and junk on Saturdays and Sundays (but limit what I eat), and to eat as healthy as I can.

    I don’t weigh myself regularly, because I’d get obsessed with it (as in weighing myself multiple times a day!) so I don’t know how much I’ve actually lost. I don’t think it’s very much, but I have gone down three clothes sizes and my body has changed, which I’m really proud about!

    It’s definitely difficult, and it’s a lot of hard work! I think you’re doing really well so far from what I’ve read. While I totally understand that you get a bit down after having a “moment of weakness”, I think you should focus on all the positive things instead. Look at what you’ve achieved so far! 😀

    This was a long comment, but since I’m in the middle of losing weight myself I have lots of thoughts to share, hehe! Keep it up 😀

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