Apr 11

Sun '10

Back In The Day

Remember, back in the day, when men thought that women were responsible for their child’s sex…but really, it was the men!?! Ugh. I just finished watching The Duchess (which is a fabulous movie btw) and it was about a Duke and Duchess and their struggle to make a male heir. It made me so angry that the Duke got so furious with his wife because she was not giving him a son. I really wonder how it would have been if they had known back then that it was the man’s chromosomes that chose the sex. Stupid men.

Also with the movie, the Duke went off and had his extra marital affairs, but the slight mention or thought of the Duchess taking a lover was unacceptable. It was an ongoing battle, in the end, coming down to the fact that men are better and women just have to sit back and do whatever the men say.

Women were treated like dirt in the past. They were property. No individuality. A man’s play thing. I am so glad that I live in a country where men and women have equal opportunities and the exact same rights! 🙄 I just don’t know what I would do if wives were known as their husband’s property. Or if it was okay for a husband to rape his wife. Now I know there are countries that still have those “customs,” but I am fucking glad I don’t live there. I am my own person. I belong to no one. I can make decisions for myself. I deserve everything that a man deserves. HMPH.

Anyway, I do suggest watching The Duchess because it was a good movie :heart:

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One Response to “Back In The Day”

  • Cathrine
    April 12, 2010 @ 1:00 am

    We’ve definitely come a long way since then! I’m a little old-fashioned in the way that when I get a family they will be my life and my career will come second. I would like to stay at home with my kids in their first few years, for example, and I enjoy being a “housewife” and taking care of my home and husband (when that time comes, that is! :upsidedown: ). But the huge difference is that it’s a choice, my choice! I can choose both a family AND a career. I have control over my own life, and I have the same rights as any man. *nods*

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