Apr 15

Thu '10

Productive Day

Today was my second day off in a row. I usually have Wednesdays and Thursdays off. Yesterday, I can’t really remember doing anything important, and yet the day flew by. I do remember making beef stew in the slow cooker for dinner. It was very tasty.

I have to say though, that today was quite productive. I woke up and made a delicious smoothie for breakfast. Then I went to the gym. After, I went to deposit money in the bank and return a book to the library. I was going to stop for an Extreme Pita but then didn’t because I have all the ingredients at home anyway and it would be better just to make my own. So that’s what I did. I made a buffalo chicken pita for lunch. :yum:

Then I went to the store for groceries. I planned on only picking up a few vegetables, but as usual, I bought way more than I needed. Oh well, it will all get eaten anyway. After coming home, I cleaned up the kitchen, including sweeping and dusting. Then I went outside and raked the front lawn twice, each time with a different rake to make sure that I got all the dead grass and such. Oh and I found a ton of rocks in the yard. I have no idea how they got there, but I am sure glad I raked before starting to mow, because I didn’t want to wreck the lawn mower. So then I mowed the front lawn. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Of course, I have a few blisters on my hands from raking. :unsure: I got them even though I was wearing gloves. Hmph. I told Peter that the weed whacking and back yard are up to him. I would have weed whacked, but it’s a gas powered one and I have no idea how to use it. Peter tried to show me, but I still can’t do it. LOL. Anyway, I don’t know how much Peter wants to do in the back yard as we are having the garage pad put in next week and stuff will be ripped out anyway.

So now I am just relaxing and I am planning on making low fat hot dogs for supper with asparagus as a side. I will then watch the series finale – 😥 – of Ugly Betty and that will be that. Speaking of UB, I am very sad about it ending. It ended way before it’s time. And of course, it started to get really good right near the end. Ugh. Anyway, I sure hope the finale is awesome. Krissy says that she really enjoyed it and it was quite a satisfying ending. So I hope that I enjoy it too.

Oh and if anyone cares, I made a new layout at the Canada fanlisting, Strong-and-Free.ca. :geek:

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2 Responses to “Productive Day”

  • Holly
    April 17, 2010 @ 1:34 am

    Yum. Buffalo Chicken Pita sounds good. :O

  • Leslie
    April 17, 2010 @ 10:45 am

    Ugly Betty is the best and I’m also so sad that it’s over. 🙁 We are about 5 episodes behind because we are not in a hurry to see it end!

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