May 14

Fri '10

Billboard what?!

Ok, so I was driving home from work tonight and I was at a red light. I was looking around when something kind of flashed in the distance in front of me. I looked closer and saw that it was a billboard. Only, it wasn’t a normal billboard, it was a digital billboard! 😮 You know how people have digital picture frames…well it was exactly like one of those, only 10x as big! I just had my mouth open staring at the billboard. There were probably 8 different advertisements on the one billboard. There was even an ad that told you what the temperature and time were!

I must say that it was one of the coolest things I have seen. It’s crazy how technology advances. I mean there used to be billboards that had 1 ad on each side. Then they came out with the shudder ones that changed so they could accommodate 2 ads on each side. Well these new ones will be able to accommodate so many!! The billboard people will be making money hand over foot!

So I am now wondering if there will be a downside when it comes to the weather! How will they fight what Mother Nature throws at them?! I mean they must be waterproof if they were put up outside. But I wonder if, when it gets really cold and snowy, if the billboards will just freeze up?! Even with the sun shining on it all day, it can’t be good for it. Eh. I am sure I will find out in the coming year!

I know this is a silly topic, but I thought it was really cool! :geek: Has anyone else seen a digital billboard in their city?

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