Apr 2

Sat '11


I’m in Edmonton with my mom this weekend. She had to come for a labour conference and appreciation night and so I tagged along to go shopping. Any excuse to get away and take time off work is right up my alley.

I wondered around a random mall last night and bought some little things. Nothing too exciting. I contemplated the whole time getting a blizzard from Dairy Queen, but I resisted. Phew. Then today I took the bus to West Edmonton Mall. They have a Spa Lady there and so I had a little workout before I started my shopping adventures. I bought some Girl Guide cookies because I haven’t had them since I was a girl guide almost 10 years ago. I have to say that I am not a huge fan of them as I definitely overdosed when I was a kid. But it’s still good to support the girl guide troops 🙂 I found a beautiful dragon t-shirt for Peter from The Mountain . I also bought the new Irresistible scent from Victoria’s Secret and now I smell so lovely. LOL My mom met up with me a little later in the day and we were shopping and then all of a sudden we decided we wanted to go and see Hop. It was a cute little movie, even though I really dislike Russell Brand. I liked that the movie was all about Easter. I don’t think I have ever seen a movie about Easter. The movie made me want to run out and buy chocolate 😳

Mom and I are going to IHOP tomorrow for breakfast!! That’s right, you read correctly, IHOP, in Canada!!! AH, it’s one of only two (I think) IHOP’s in Canada! I am very jealous that Calgary doesn’t have one yet. I mean, we are closer to the American border!! I plan on getting the cinn-a-stack pancakes because I debated between those and the chocolate chip ones in Seattle and went with the chocolate chip ones. Now is my chance to have the other. I am super excited, as you can tell. I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE IHOP. I think it’s because I work in a breakfast restaurant and I like to “check out” the competition. Hehehe.

Unfortunately, while we have been in Edmonton, Calgary has received over 2 feet of snow. ARGH! It’s April and I am ready for spring gosh darnnit. I would like to stay here in Edmonton until all the snow has melted from Calgary. I know it’s not possible but still. I just hope the drive home tomorrow will be okay. The temperature isn’t too cold so the snow shouldn’t stick too long :unsure:

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