Oct 12

Wed '11

Back Again

Here I am, back again. I have been very bad and lazy when it has come to blogging. I think of blog posts in my head, but never get around to actually typing them down. Maybe if I get the new iPhone 4S, I can use Siri to write out my blog posts for me. Ha, that would be a dream come true. Blah Blah Blah. I know you have all heard it before. Oh well. Well, I am here now.

I want an iPad. I want an iPhone 4S. I don’t have the money to buy both of these treasures. Life is hard. I will have to ask for them for Christmas. Even though there is no chance on getting them. Meh. I can always wish. Speaking of these wonderful apple Products, I just wanted to say RIP Steve Jobs. Very sad. He was too young. It just goes to show that we should live every day to the fullest.

Stupid McDonald’s Monopoly is around again. McDonald’s was tempting before and now it is just irresistible. It has been a rough two weeks. Many, many trips to my weakness. Peter and I are at the point where we are missing only one sticker for each group of states. And the ones we are missing are the ones everyone is missing. There are only like 1 or 2 in existence. Really no chance of getting those missing ones. So I should use that as an excuse to stop going! I love McDonald’s, but I feel so gross. And fat. And guilty. I could go on.

I am looking forward to our annual trip to Great Falls, Montana at the beginning of November. Let’s hope it doesn’t S.N.O.W. before the trip or else we will have to cancel again. I have a huge list of groceries that I need to buy and I am craving some mexican food from On The Border. Plus, road trips are always fun. They always start out with McDonald’s breakfast and some good cross stitching time. Eeek. There I go talking about McDonald’s again. It will really and truly be the end of me.

This post is so random and short. I just can’t write any more pointless things today. Maybe I’ll be back tomorrow or the next day with something more exciting. Don’t hold your breath.

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2 Responses to “Back Again”

  • Jessie
    October 13, 2011 @ 12:02 pm

    Oh, I am at the same place as you when it comes to McDonald’s and Monopoly. Sometimes I wonder if I’d have better luck with entering the codes @ the website. 😛

    I also want an iPad and an iPhone 4S, now even more since I checked out Siri. 😛

  • Erica
    October 14, 2011 @ 11:34 pm

    I don’t eat at McDonald’s so I’ve been stealing everyone else’s codes and entering them at the website. That’s not to say I’ve been eating an awful lot of bad food lately, though. I’ve been putting weight on instead of losing so I really need to get my shit together again, and soon!

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