Oct 13

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A New Car, Maybe

I might be getting a new car. I have put down a $500 deposit and have 24 hours to decide if I want the vehicle or not. I have been thinking about getting a new car for a few months now. We went car shopping in May and I decided that I didn’t want to buy at the time. But as winter is coming closer and closer, I am getting more and more worried about the driving. My car does NOT do well in the winter snow. It is a rear wheel drive and a convertible. It’s not too cold, but it sure is hard to maneuver on the ice. Plus, it’s a 1996. It’s getting old. I LOVE IT TO PIECES, but I need to start thinking about a family car. It was great for my first car! Who knows, maybe I’ll keep it and drive it around in the summer only.

Anyway, the new car I might be purchasing is a 2010 Toyota Matrix. The Matrix comes fully loaded. It is an all-wheel drive (AWD), so it will be fantastic in the snow. Plus it comes with a set of winter tires as well as all-seasons. The advertisement said that it came with heated seats, but when we went to test drive today, it turned out it didn’t have heated seats. I was SO disappointed as that was one of the selling points for me. So I talked to the manager and he is going to install heated seats for free!! It also comes with a built in GPS navigation system. So I’ll never get lost. Ha. It has a sunroof too and that was also one of the things I really wanted. The only thing that it doesn’t have, which I would have liked, is bluetooth. But I do use my bluetooth headphones in my current car, so I don’t see why I can’t just carry that on. I don’t talk on the phone very often when driving anyway. It’s not a huge deal.

Here is a picture of it:

2010 Toyota Matrix

So I am going to think/contemplate really hard for the next 24 hours and make up my mind. This is a huge decision for me and I want to make sure that we can afford it. We might have to stop eating out as much and take a few less vacations/road trips! LOL. I did hear the Matrix is great on gas though, so maybe the road trips can stay!! LOL. I’ll keep everyone updated.

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5 Responses to “A New Car, Maybe”

  • Caity
    October 14, 2011 @ 2:32 am

    Looks like a great car! Good luck with your decision! It’s definitely a big decision buying a car. I had to make the same kind of decision recently about a big purchase, too. I know it can be super tough!

  • Georgina
    October 14, 2011 @ 5:37 am

    Ahh sounds like a lot of features, hope it’s in your budget and a good price for all that fun stuff. I wish I could go car shopping because I’m sure I’d buy the first thing I fall in love with, but alas, I can’t drive anymore because my licence expired and I just haven’t had the time to learn to drive and everything. It doesn’t bother me too much because I can catch public transport to most places I need to go.

    I think the fact that the Matrix is good with snow is a plus for you, living in Canada where I know you get quite a bit of it. We don’t have snow in Australia!

    Your old car will be missed! XD

  • Dipika
    October 15, 2011 @ 9:44 am

    Oh you should definitely go for it! I am planning to eventually get a new car as well…not anytime soon though because I had major work done on my car ^_^;

    Driving in snow/ice is something I am worried about often as well. I live in VT so pretty close to Canada XD. Plus I am entirely new to the snow scene so I have never driven in snow before until I came to the US. My car is a 2002 but with snow tires it does alright or so I hope lol.

    The car you are looking at looks awesome! I love winter tires hehe. Heated seats would be perfect! My car’s heater kind of sucks but I don’t drive a lot so it’s alright. I think he might be giving you a good deal if the dealer is offering winter tires and heated seats :3

    Looking forward to hearing what you ended up deciding. I am sure with a little bit of saving you will be able to balance it’s costs just fine! Good luck 😀

  • Nancy
    October 16, 2011 @ 10:23 am

    If you know your car will not make it through the winter for sure, go for it and get a new car. It’s better to have that 500$ + something deposit than a $1,500 bill for the damage that the snow may give off to your convertible car :O!

    The Matrix sounds like a good deal to take on :D! I thought the Matrix has bluetooth or something since it is a new car :O! I hope your decision came to a satisfying one and good luck(:

    Everyone usually changes from the state of middle school and high school :O! Just like myself :I. But heck, it’s improvements with me saving money! But my money calculations are always wrong -__-! The other week, I thought I had 80 bucks, but I really do have 60. D:!

    Take care(:

  • Lissy
    October 22, 2011 @ 6:51 pm

    hope you got it cause it sounds pretty nice 🙂 my car doesn’t have bluetooth. It doesn’t even have a damn remote to unlock the doors, lol

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