Jun 23

Sat '12

Car Smarts

My car is smart. There I said it and now let me explain why. Last week my tire pressure sensor light came on on my dashboard. I never gave it much thought as I had trouble with the sensor during the winter with my winter tires. I never really took it seriously. Also, it had been thundering the day it came on and the thunder made my car alarm go off and my house practically shake. I naturally thought it was just the shaking of the car that made the sensor came on. When I saw the light on for the first time, it was 5AM and I was just about to head out of town for a road trip to Edmonton. I checked my tires to see if they were low/flat. Nothing. So I went on my merry way. I drove over 500 KMs and still nothing.

However, yesterday my boss came into work and said that he thought my passenger tire was low. I drove home and finally remembered to look at the tires again. Low and behold the front passenger tire was a little low. I searched a wee bit closer and saw that there was a nail in the tire and I obviously had a slow leak. How I got a nail in the tire I have no idea. What puzzles me more is that the leak was so slow, I drove for over a week and a half before we noticed anything. Still, I guess it’s good to have caught it early.

While I was at work today, my Dad took my car and got the tire repaired. My dad, he is funny, it’s as if he is always looking for a way to come in and save the day. He is my hero. Thanks Dad!! He wouldn’t even let me pay for the repairs. What a guy.

When I got in the car after the repairs today, magically, the tire pressure sensor had turned off. That is when I decided my car was smart. It knew there was something wrong with the tire and the light stayed lit until I finally clued in. So I will never doubt my dashboard lights again. :blank: I am just lucky it was a slow leak and I didn’t get stranded on the highway on my road trip or anything. Safety first from now on!

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One Response to “Car Smarts”

  • Kylie
    June 24, 2012 @ 10:47 am

    Nifty car! I wish mine would tell me when the tires are whack. I’m pretty sure they’re at four different pressures right now. Oops.

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