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Meal Plan Mondays – Week 13

I guess I have been doing the meal planning thing long enough that an official habit has formed. It feels like second nature to create my meal plan on Sunday nights so that it is ready for the week. I find myself checking back on the website to see what we are having for the week. AND I found out that Peter, who never visits my site, purposely came to the site on Thursday to see what we were having for supper too. I think that is so funny. He knows that I have our plan posted and he was just so curious to find out what was for dinner. Silly boy. Smart boy too, I guess 😉

I really want to start trying to empty my freezer and so I will probably be doing some repeated meals for the next few weeks until I run out of things around the house. Here is the meal for this week:

Monday – Weighing in early again so Mcdonalds will probably be our go to meal.
Tuesday – Pasta Tuesday at Boston Pizza
Wednesday – Beans & Weiners
ThursdayPulled pork sandwiches with Asian Coleslaw
Friday – Evening shift at work so I will bring a boring old salad.
Saturday – Seafood Chowder
SundayAdobo Chicken

Menu Plan Monday

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One Response to “Meal Plan Mondays – Week 13”

  • Lissy
    November 2, 2012 @ 5:52 pm

    We plan our meals every week too. Unfortunately all that went out the window this week, lol. We had chicken and buffalo in the freezer and eggs in the fridge that had to be eaten when the power went out. I ate more protein in those first two days than I think I’ve had all month! I learned something new: plan, but be prepared to improvise 🙂

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