Oct 30

Tue '12

2 Weeks To Go

Time is really flying by. It’s two weeks today until Peter and I leave for Florida. It is so hard to accept how fast the time goes. It was only just July, wasn’t it?! Crazy. However, just because time passes too fast doesn’t mean that I’m not excited to go away. I am so looking forward to the trip. I can finally start checking the 14 day weather trend everyday to see what the weather will be like. After all, I have to know what kind of clothes to pack. I left some of my shorts and tanks out from the summer just for the trip. I was thinking ahead 😛

Even though he will never admit it, I think Peter is excited to get away. He keeps mentioning it to his co-workers. Mainly he is just bugging them about how nice the weather will be while they are stuck here in Calgary with snow and coldness. What a little bugger. I just hope that when we get there he’ll actually try to have a good time and that he won’t be a stick in the mud. He’s threatening that he is going to be a jerk and refuse to go on any rides. I really hope he doesn’t ruin the trip for me (and us) :(. I know that I am practically dragging him along, but he knows how important Disney is to me, so I hope he will make an effort. We also get to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and we both love the books/movies. I mean, come on, we are going to drink Butterbeer!!! Well the only thing I know for sure that he is actually excited about, is going to Medieval Times for the dinner show. He’s never been to that kind of thing before and it is totally up his alley! He loves all that kind of stuff.

I am sad and ashamed to admit that I won’t be at my goal weight by the time we leave for our trip. I am not going to let it discourage me and I will keep plugging along. As I mentioned in my meal planning post this week, I have been in a little bit of a funk. I was sick all last week and it just made me want to completely give up and eat whatever I wanted. And I did. I had fries, ice cream, candy, cheese buns and not even close to my daily recommended amount of vegetables and fruit. I don’t know what it was. However, I am back in the game. I will start new tomorrow. I love Weight Watcher’s slogan: “It’s A New Day!” Plus, my meeting tonight was really energetic and motivational. I can do this.

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One Response to “2 Weeks To Go”

  • Cat
    October 30, 2012 @ 11:03 pm

    Have fun in Florida! That sounds like a really fun trip 🙂 I hope Peter will enjoy himself there. Maybe he just needs to be there to get in the mood for it!

    I think it’s good to have breaks once in a while to eat what you really want. For me, it makes me feel guilty and motivates me to eat healthy again, haha.

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