Nov 17

Sat '12

NaBloPoMo: Day 17 – Florida Vacation: Day 4

It was a night of little sleep last night. We were up until past 1am because of the Christmas party we attended at Magic Kingdom. However, the lack of sleep was worth it as we had great fun at the party. It was such a different experience touring the rides with a 4 year old boy. He loves hanging out with me and so he wanted to sit next to me for every ride. I think my friend (his mom) was a little sad that he didn’t want to sit with her. Anyway, everything was so much more interesting. It was all in the details and pointing out every little thing to this young boy. I seriously loved it. After every ride he wanted to go on them again. Over and over and he was a happy boy.

We were up at 7am this morning because Animal Kingdom was on our schedule for the day. We wanted to get there early as the animals are often out in the morning because of feeding time. As soon as the gates were open, we headed for the Safari rides. We were so lucky to get there when we did because we saw tons of animals. Some of the majors included elephants, giraffes, lions, rhinos, crocodileS, zebras and so many more. I got some really nice pictures. The landscapes were gorgeous as well. As the safaris went through an animal reserve, it was so great to know these animals were safe from poachers. But I really hope the conservatory succeedS in getting most of the animals back into the wild as that is their natural habitat, and most likely where they want to be.

After we finished at AK, we went over to Downtown Disney for some shopping. We purchased most of our gifts and souvenirs, so that’s a nice relief off our shoulders. I saw a few cross stitches, including the one I am stitching right now, but there weren’t any I wanted to buy. I have so many projects in my cross stitch closet that I have to be more picky about how many more I buy!

We headed to Walmart this evening and one of the most fantastic things happened. We were walking past McDonald’s and I ran in to see if their menu differed from the McDonald’s in Canada. They had chicken tenders, but I couldn’t bring myself to order them when there are so many other restaurants to visit that we don’t have at home. As I was walking out, there was a sign advertising an egg nog milkshake!!! I literally stopped in my tracks and stared at the sign for a whole minute. You see, I look forward to the egg nog milkshake every year and I totally didn’t expect to be able to drink it so early in the season! So of course I ordered one. It was delicious! So freaking tasty 😀 I wonder when we’ll get them at home. Hmm.

Tomorrow will be our road trip day. We are driving down to Cape Coral to visit Peter’s parents. Hopefully it will be a nice day trip.

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