Dec 16

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Frozen Running

While my Uncle was in town last weekend, we managed to get 3 morning runs in. As I didn’t have to work right away on the day of the first run, we headed out at 7:30am. It wasn’t too cold and we only needed one jacket. We took it easy and only ran 6KM.

On our second run, I had to work, so we set out at 6:30am. It was -19C° outside and SO COLD. We had frost all over us from where we were sweating. When we stopped, we were both steaming. It was kind of disgusting to anyone who saw us, but to us (and probably other runners), it was awesome as it showed how hard we were working. Let me tell you, it was pitch black outside. It’s a good thing we had our headlamps on, because we couldn’t see anything around us. We went down onto the local running path in the park, so there were no street lights. We could only just make out the eyes of the deer around us. At least we hoped they were deer. My uncle said it might have been a cheetah. He also said he wasn’t worried as he knew he could out run me. Ha, nice guy, eh?! Anyway, it was scary and I would definitely never run in the park that early by myself!! Even though it was freaking freezing, we ended up running 9.5KM.

On our final run, I had a very early work shift, so we hit the pavement at 5:15am :dead: It was eaaaarly. We went down into the park again, but it was so different than the previous run. Light must have been reflecting off the clouds because we could see for miles. We didn’t even need our headlamps. Plus, it was a million degrees warmer. I had to shed one of my jackets and my gloves after 1KM. At the halfway point, we attempted a ginormous hill. It was brutal. I barely made it up the thing at a run. I was kind of just walk running. My knees were burning, but I survived. We ended up running 8KM 🙂

I always get sad after my Uncle and I part ways. We get along very well and it is so nice to have a running partner. I mean, yes, I could join a running club, but it’s so much easier when you know the person already. It’s more comfortable just to have to leave from the house and not a specific meeting place. Ah well. We’ll never move out to Ontario and his family will never move out here to Alberta. So we’ll just have to enjoy the occasional runs when we’re together.

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2 Responses to “Frozen Running”

  • Cathrine
    December 17, 2012 @ 12:07 am

    Brrrr, both of you have to be slightly insane running in -19! 😉 Good job!

  • Lissy
    December 17, 2012 @ 11:55 am

    that’s nice you had a running buddy for a little while 🙂 can’t believe you went out when it was that cold though! I wimp out when it’s a little cooler than room temperature, lol.

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