Feb 11

Mon '13

Meal Plan Mondays

Well the previous weeks meal plans have not been going according to plan. I find myself getting a little lazy and even though I have purchased all necessary ingredients for the week, I am not cooking what I am supposed to be. Actually, I am barely cooking at all. Take out food and restaurants are so expensive and so why am I letting the lovely food in my fridge go to waste? Here is hoping this week will change!

Monday – Chinese food (Cheat night)
TuesdayPortobello “burgers” (without the buns)
Wednesday – Scallops with Asian Veggie Blend
Thursday – Beef Dips (made with cream of mushroom soup and dry onion soup mix)
Friday – Evening shift at work.
Saturday – Burgers at my parent’s house.
Sunday – Dinner at a friend’s house.

Menu Plan Monday

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