Apr 18

Thu '13

Running For Boston

I am so shocked at what happened at the Boston marathon on Monday. Those poor people, and their families, who were just out trying to have a good time. These runners had all trained for months, years even, and competed in many other races just to qualify for the Boston marathon. They had set out to achieve personal goals and instead were entered into a nightmare.

I cannot fathom why someone would do this kind of thing. It only hurt innocent people. I haven’t heard if the police have any leads on who planted the bombs, but I hope they keep trying until they do. There needs to be some serious repercussions for the criminals and terrorists who could create such an act of hatred.

As a runner, I feel as though my friends have been targeted and hurt. As a human, I am in mourning for all the families that have been affected. I know I can’t do much, but I do feel as though I can at least run in memory of what happened in Boston. Calgary is having a citywide run on Saturday, but as I’ll be at work, I have already gone out twice running for Boston. I spent my runs thinking about everything that had happened and being extremely grateful for my family who loves me and the freedom I have to run when I want.

This is a tragedy that should not have occurred. It has affected many lives all around the world and it will be some time before the world becomes “normal” again.

Honestly, sometimes I wish the Vulcans would just make first contact with us, so that we realize there are different friends and enemies out there and we should not be fighting amongst our race any longer. If only.

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One Response to “Running For Boston”

  • Lissy
    April 18, 2013 @ 7:53 am

    true, we could accomplish so much if we all worked together 🙁 I really hope this was some crazy guy who just felt like blowing things up rather than a terrorist group that thinks they can justify their actions.
    People try to do something good for themselves and someone had to go and ruin it for everyone in the worst possible way. Sucks.

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