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May Road Trip


My Mom and I are headed on a road trip tomorrow to Great Falls, MT. It’s kind of an impromptu trip. We recently just decided we would go and the time has come up on us quick. We are only taking off for a few days, but it should be fun. We were both sad because we had to cancel our annual trip to Great Falls last December, so we are making it up now. This also means that we won’t be going to Kalispell while we are camping in Cranbrook in July. But that’s okay because we should get all of our shopping done this weekend. It is actually better because we will be able to bring more stuff back into the country (without paying duty),t as we will be gone for more than 48 hours.

The only downside to this weekend’s trip is that it is the long weekend here in Canada. That means everyone and their dog will probably be taking a weekend trip down to the states. At least we are leaving a day early (Thursday) and will be coming home on Saturday. Hopefully we won’t meet too much traffic on the highways. The stores will most likely be crazy busy, but we will manage. My Mom and I try to choose our trip times wisely, however, we are both busy bees and this weekend is the only free time we have in the coming future for a trip.

Rain is in the forecast for both Calgary and Great Falls, so we expect it to be raining everywhere we drive. As long as visibility isn’t so bad, we will prevail! My Mom always does the expert driving and I am the navigator. If it takes us twice as long to get there, then that’s the way it goes. I would rather get there safe and sound. Plus, the rain is better than the snow and ice that we usually have to endure when we drive down in December.

Well I’m hoping to find some new and interesting things!!

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2 Responses to “May Road Trip”

  • Cat
    May 19, 2013 @ 4:49 pm

    Have a good trip! I don’t like driving in rain, but I agree it is probably a lot better than snow and ice πŸ™‚ Have fun there!

  • Karin
    May 21, 2013 @ 4:21 am

    Hope you had a nice trip (I guess you should home by now) – and that the weather wasn’t too bad!

    I actually like driving when it rains, I think it’s cosy πŸ™‚ Unless of course it’s pouring down so hard you can’t see anything… but light rain is nice.

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