Jun 26

Wed '13

Website Issues

I’ve been having a little bit of trouble with my website. Earlier today it was temporarily suspended because of a “high load on the server.” I have no idea how this could have happened as my website is virtually the least visited site in the world. However, something happened. My host emailed me to let me know of the suspension and made some suggestions to help relieve the load on the server. It could be one of many things, but most are to do to with wordpress.

At first I thought it had something to do with my email because I have received hundreds of emails today from Pinterest. This was because one of my boards suddenly became super popular. I finally got smart enough and turned off the email notifications about new followers. Duh. Wish I had done it earlier. I also changed my email with the site to be my gmail address, that way it won’t go through my site’s server at all. Turns out that wasn’t the problem at all.

After responding back and forth with my host, they tracked the load on the server from my wordpress folder. So it has to be something to do with WP. So currently I am going through all my plugins and themes and deleting the ones I do not need. I always keep everything up to date, so maybe one of the new updates has screwed something up. I really don’t know. When I can’t actually see the server stats, it’s hard to know what the problem is. My host has told me they will keep me updated.

All this trouble has made me itch to make a new theme. I don’t really know if I feel up to completely redoing the entire site, but it may be a necessary move. I want to work on my responsive design knowledge too! There is so much to learn.

Oh and on top of all these problems off, I did something really stupid a couple nights ago. For some reason I got it in my head that Feedburner was getting shut down as well on July 1st just like Google Reader. In my mind, those two things went hand in hand. Well I was wrong. Unfortunately I had already rushed around and hastily found feedpress, which I’ve had a few issues with trying to get to know this new service. Their customer service has been really quick to help me but I still don’t think my feed is working 100%.
So on their website they told me that in order to get my feed routed through the new site, I had to re-route my old feed from feedburner. Apparently that was permanent and irreversible. I lost all my data on feedburner and I think I may have lost all my subscribers as well. Yes, it was less than 30, but it was still something!! Ah well. I guess I’ll just start from scratch and hope that people can actually use the new feed to subscribe. Can anyone tell me if their old feed updated in their reader? If not, please try and resubscribe. Thanks!!!
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Apparently everything is working fine with my new RSS feed. Subscriber urls should be redirected in their feed readers. SO YAY 😀

Hopefully my site doesn’t get suspended again and that I can find the problem!! Ugh :dead:

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One Response to “Website Issues”

  • Lissy
    June 27, 2013 @ 9:56 am

    good news, this post showed up in my RSS! 🙂

    last time I had issues with my site, it was because of some malicious software someone installed, probably though an outdated wordpress plugin or theme. I deleted the files, but the garbage was too clever for me and it kept coming back! I called godaddy and they just told me to change my password :-/ so I switched hosts. A little drastic, but it was the only way to solve my problem. Hopefully nothing like that is happening to you and it’s just a plugin gone haywire.

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