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Cranbrook camping 2013

Camping in Cranbrook 2013
(All photos from Cranbrook can be seen here.)

Well Peter and I have returned from our annual camping trip to Cranbrook, BC. The week was pretty uneventful. We didn’t do much. Honestly, it was too hot to do anything at all. I can’t lie though, I LOVED IT! The temperature was 30°C-35°C everyday. There was not one drop of rain. I was in heaven. I couldn’t have asked for anything better for a camping trip. However, Peter was in agony. Haha silly boy. When we got just too hot and sweaty around midday, my Mom and I slapped our swimsuits on and hopped into the lake to cool off. 😎 Oh it was wonderful.

Peter and I spent the week in a tent, while my parents had their trailer. It was often hard to get to sleep at night because it didn’t cool off very much. That was the only slight downside. At least I got to experience some sort of nice weather this summer. Calgary’s weather really has been down in the dumps. We barely reach 20° during the day and there is rain almost every day as well. It sucks.

Playing crib with Harry Potter cardsI read one book, but spent the majority of the rest of the time cross stitching. It was great, except I think the sun was a little too hot for my poor needle. The needle stained my fabric in many places as it tarnished because of the heat. I know that doesn’t make much sense, but it happened. We also played a lot of cards. Mostly cribbage, of course. I only won 4 times, but I was the only one who didn’t get skunked for the whole trip. Mwahaha, major win! My Mom was skunked the most so she was pretty stinky by the end of the trip 😉 Peter wasn’t far behind though!

My Mom and I did not take our annual trip down to Kalispell, MT. It was kind of sad. 🙁 We brought our passports, just in case, but as we had just been to Great Falls in May, we decided to stay at camp. My Dad preferred that we didn’t do the extra driving anyway. Neither of us needed anything, it would just have been for fun to go down there. Oh well, maybe next year!

On the second last day of our trip, this sign went up:

Bear in the area!

I was a little freaked out. We have never heard of any bears being around Cranbrook before. I had trouble sleeping the last 2 nights because I thought the bear was going to bowl down our tent. There was no way I was going to the bathroom in the middle of the night either. However, in the back of my mind I knew nothing would happen. We are always careful with our food (keeping it in my parent’s trailer) and we weren’t going deep in the woods for a hike. Then something amazing happened: I FOUND THE BEAR!!!!

My little bear! With my bear!

Ahahahaha!!! See, I told you!! You didn’t believe me, did you?!?! 😀 😀

So the trip was wonderful and I look forward to going back next year. In some aspects, it’s like going to our second home. Haha, even though we don’t have access to showers whenever we want 😉

Group shot

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4 Responses to “Cranbrook camping 2013”

  • Manda
    August 7, 2013 @ 1:54 pm

    I haven’t been camping since I was little, which is odd because camping is a pretty big attraction that everyone around here in West Virginia does (probably because there is little else to do). I love the picture of you with the little bear and of you with your family! Looks/sounds like you had a good time despite the heat.

  • Christine
    August 8, 2013 @ 9:04 am

    LOL! I love the little bear, but I would have been freaked out too, haha. I’ve never seen a bear before in my life besides at a zoo, so I can’t imagine seeing one in the wild. I love the last pic of all of you guys. Looks like a fun and relaxing time!

  • Karin
    August 10, 2013 @ 12:18 pm

    Sorry, but I’m with Peter on this one… 30°C-35°C!!?? I would panic and die o_O;

    Good that you had fun though! Sleeping in a tent can be so cosy 🙂
    I would’ve been worried about the sign too. There are bears in the woods around where my parents live and even though I know bears are more afraid of me than I am of them it’s still a bit scary sometimes. I mean, they CAN be dangerous.
    That little bear you found is adorable though, haha!

  • Cat
    August 10, 2013 @ 5:46 pm

    30-35C actually sounds nice to me! We’re getting over 38C right now, and it makes me avoid going outside as much as possible.

    haha, that’s a cute little bear figure. I’m glad you guys didn’t actually run into a bear! That would have been scary. That sounds like a fun and relaxing trip though 🙂 I’m glad you had a great time!

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