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Celebrity crush

Well it seems as though I have a new celebrity crush. This one has been growing since 2009 but only in the last few weeks has it become an official crush. Haha. Seriously though, how old am I? I am a happily married 26 year old woman. Aren’t I supposed to be immune to stupid little crushes, especially on celebrities? Apparently not. I know there is no harm in looking (or in this case listening to his amazing voice) but it’s still odd.

Aaron Tveit

So my new celebrity crush is Aaron Tveit. He is absolutely amazing Broadway, Movie and TV actor. He can sing, he can dance, he can act and he is extremely good looking. What more can a woman ask for eh?!

I first became aware of Aaron in 2009 when I saw him perform at the Tony Awards in a clip of my (now) favourite musical, Next To Normal. I was totally taken with the song they performed and I had to know more about the musical. I bought the recorded album and fell in love with it. Aaron’s voice was what stole the show for me. I only wish I had been able to see the production on Broadway in New York when Aaron was in it. When I saw the show, there was a new cast and Aaron was long gone. Too bad.

Over the years I have seen him guest star in shows like Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl and The Good Wife. Then the best thing happened and he was cast in Les Misérables. With the cast of Les Miz, he even performed at the Oscars this year. I almost kissed the TV I was so happy when I saw him!! My Mom thought I was nuts.

GracelandI’ve just started watching his new show Graceland. I am only on episode 4, but I can tell that I am hooked. It captivated my attention in the first few minutes and that’s the kind of show I like. The show is about FBI, DEA and Border agents that work undercover in California and they all live in the same house, which is called Graceland. Even better that it stars Aaron! I am glad to see him starring in a TV show rather than just appearing. His career has totally taken off and I am so happy about it because he is so talented. Plus, it gives me more eye candy.

I don’t know where I had been living, but he performed in RENT at the Hollywood Bowl back in August 2010. I swear, if I had known about that, I probably would have been taking a vacation down to California just to see that show! It would have been so amazing. It was directed by Neil Patrick Harris and had a cast full of amazing talent. This week I’ve managed to watch most of the show in clips on YouTube, but being in the area would have been so great. Oh well, at least I still got to see him perform as Roger some how. Oh and he nailed the character in my opinion. WOW.

YouTube has officially become my best friend this week because in addition to watching RENT, I’ve watched Hairspray and two versions of Next To Normal, all of which had Aaron in them. Oh yes. That’s right. My life is almost complete LOL.

I feel like such a fangirl. Just give me a handsome man who can sing and I can hardly stop from screaming. Whew.

So in case you aren’t already convinced that Aaron is amazing, I am sure this buzzfeed post will help!!!!

Aaron Tveit

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3 Responses to “Celebrity crush”

  • Kim
    August 29, 2013 @ 5:58 am

    Not that I’ve really ever heard of him – but – yum! Haha, I’m 25 and don’t think I’ll ever be immune to celebrity crushes.

  • Manda
    August 29, 2013 @ 8:04 am

    I have a ton of celebrity crushes and I’m 33 years old! LOL

    Never heard of Aaron Tveit but (judging by the picture) he is a looker!

  • decoybetty
    September 1, 2013 @ 4:23 pm

    I think crushes are totally normal! 🙂 I have never heard of him, but he is a total looker and I do love a man who can sing (almost as much as I love a man who can dance)

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