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NaBloPoMo 2013: Day 7 – Our week in Disney World

As I have already written about our first week in Florida, I figured it’s about time to conclude with week 2.

Disney World 2013
Please go here to see the full album from our trip!

After leaving Cape Coral, Peter and I drove our rental car up to Kissimmee. We drove straight to Downtown Disney to do a little shopping and get Earl of Sandwich for lunch. The place was packed as usual but we managed to get around. We went to a couple more malls afterward and stopped at PF Chang’s for supper. Then it was finally time to check into the hotel. We received a lovely room with a view of the courtyard and pool. There was a fridge and a microwave in our room. Everything we would need for a full week in Disney. I don’t really know why, but Peter and I didn’t take nearly as many photos as we did last time. I guess we didn’t need too many duplicate photos. Oh well, we made some great memories.

We went to Universal on Monday and went straight to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There weren’t as many people there right at opening so we were able to ride the Forbidden Journey ride twice in a row. We explored the remainder of the parks and even went on a few new rides. We were smart and brought extra sets of clothes because we knew it would be hot and we would want to go onto the water rides. I was actually brave enough to go on the Jurassic Park water ride! The drop was 84ft where as the not as scary splash mountain was 53ft. I was scared but I held onto Peter and made it all the way! No dinosaurs ate me, don’t worry. We went back to Harry Potter world and ate in the Three Broomsticks where I finally got my butterbeer and turkey leg.

Hogwarts Castle

Tuesday was Magic Kingdom day! YAY. So happy to see Mickey Mouse again. The lady at the ticket centre gave us cute little Happy Anniversary and I’m Celebrating buttons, because we mentioned we were celebrating our 5th anniversary. Everywhere we went cast members were saying Happy Anniversary. It was so nice to be treated with special attention! Anyway, we got through most of the park before lunch as the place was pretty dead. Out of the 3 times I have been to Disney World, this is the least busy I have seen the parks. I’m definitely not complaining, as it allowed us to ride our favourite rides several times! I have also decided that the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is my favourite! It’s a classic and always will be awesome.

We went to Medieval Times again this year because Peter enjoyed it so much last year. Every time our knight threw roses out to the crowd, I hoped so bad he would toss one to me. Unfortunately he did not. However, near the end of the show, all 6 knights chose a Queen of the Tournament from their respective sections. Guess what?! I was chosen to be the Queen!! It made my day! Yay.

Queen of the Tournament Queen of the Tournament

We went to Hollywood Studios on Wednesday and enjoyed the many shows that Disney entertains us with. Indiana Jones stunt show was amazing as always. We saw the Lights, Motors, Action stunt show as well and it blew our minds, just like the first time. The things those cars can do is amazing. I sure would not want to be one of those stunt drivers. The backlot tour was closed last year and so we made sure to get onto that tour this time. I was able to meet Mike Wazowski and Sulley (aka KITTY) this year. I have met Sulley previously, but this was my first time meeting Mike. It was pretty awesome.

Sulley and Mike Wazowski

Thursday was our travel day around the world at Epcot. We went straight for Soarin’ as the line was too long last year we didn’t get to go on. It was really cool and I forgot that they sprayed scents at you during different parts of the ride. The food and wine festival was currently going on at the country pavilions and so we tested out some kielbasa and perogies from Poland. As soon as we found out how much money it was for such a tiny little serving, we didn’t go to any more of them. It was just too expensive for the amount of food you got. Not worth it.

On Friday we attended our final Disney park and went to Animal Kingdom. It was sad that this was our last theme park of the trip, but it was a good week. The safari was awesome as usual. A couple of giraffes decided to stop and drink water right in front of our vehicle. We had to stop and all resulting trucks were halted behind us. The driver had to call the ranger to get the animals moving. We were stopped for almost 5 minutes while the giraffes decided what they wanted to do. Luckily they moved before the ranger actually showed up. Haha, the driver was a little frustrated because they had a schedule to keep, but all of us passengers thought it was the coolest thing. Afterward, we rode the Everest Expedition twice in a row because, like the rest of the week, there was no line. We made sure to catch a showing of Finding Nemo: The Musical before we left the park for the day.

We headed back to our hotel to pack our bags and check into our flights for Saturday. I spent a couple hours over by the pool before going to dinner. After supper it was time to go trick or treating at the Magic Kingdom for Mickey Mouse’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!! I can’t believe that as a 26 and 28 year old, both Peter and I went trick or treating. What a cool idea. It was so neat to see the different kind of candy that the states has compared to what we have here in Canada. I have to say that our Skor bar is better than their Heath bar!! Haha. We rode many rides and watched the fireworks and parade. I loved that everyone was dressed up as well! I was able to get a great picture of my handsome husband comparing muscles with Gaston!

Peter and Gaston comparing muscles

We took it easy on Saturday as our flight wasn’t until that evening. This was the only day that we had rain and we were completely okay with it because we didn’t have a park to be at! We ventured out to Downtown Disney again to go to Earl of Sandwich! We started the week with it, so we figured it was appropriate to finish the week with it! I think I see a tradition starting 😀

Yeah, so we had an amazing time in Florida. I have also decided that the longer the trip, the harder it is to come home, especially when you come home to snow. Very disappointing, but this is where we live and that’s life.

Disney World 2013

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3 Responses to “NaBloPoMo 2013: Day 7 – Our week in Disney World”

  • Cathrine
    November 7, 2013 @ 2:54 pm

    That sounds like the perfect vacation, so much fun and awesomeness! 😀

  • Grace
    November 8, 2013 @ 9:49 am

    Sounds like you guys had an amazing time 🙂 Did you get souvenirs?

  • Lissy
    November 10, 2013 @ 10:58 am

    yay disney! definitely a good week to be down there 🙂 congrats on being queen 😀 So jealous you got to go to the halloween party. one day, one day

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