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NaBloPoMo 2013: Day 12 – Shrek the Musical

When I was in Florida, Peter set me free one night and I went shopping. I stopped by Target and wandered over to the DVD section. I picked up a couple DVDs that I wanted as I have slowly but surely been updating my movies from VHS to DVD. As I was looking I saw a DVD that caught my eye. At first glance I thought it was a normal copy of Shrek, then I saw the next bit of writing. It wasn’t plain old Shrek, it was Shrek the Musical!! 😮 My heart was racing because I was so excited. I literally started hyperventilating. I have been trying for the last few weeks to find a copy of STM on YouTube so that I can relive the magic. I haven’t been able to find a recording anywhere. So I think that finding this DVD was meant to be!!

Shrek the Musical DVD

When my Mom and I were in Toronto in March 2012, we were able to catch a showing of STM there! I loved it, of course. As I stated in the blog post, they had implemented a new song with the dragon and it was actually way better than the scene from the original broadway show, which was on the DVD. By watching the show on DVD, I was able to see my favourite song, Build A Wall, performed. I have no idea why they took it out for the touring show. Oh well. If I ever get to see the show again, I can compare the different versions, I suppose.

I played the DVD for my friend last week. Although she said she would have preferred to see it live, the different camera angles made the show amazing. Nothing was missed and we could see every facial expression perfectly. I even clapped at the end because it was so real.

I am very happy with my very own broadway show that I can play in my living room. Now, why can’t they do the same for Wicked, Next To Normal and basically every other broadway show ever made!!! Not all of us can afford a trip to New York you know!

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