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NaBloPoMo 2013: Day 26 – Flowers in the Attic

I finished another book this week! After all the mention I made of being a slow reader while reading The Cuckoo’s Calling, I sped through this next one! I guess I just needed to be in the mood for a good book.

Flowers in the Attic

I decided to pick up Flowers in the Attic. I read the book ages ago, probably in junior high, and I couldn’t quite remember everything. My friend and I had just watched the movie and it really gave me the itch to see how it compared with the book. As it turned out, the 1987 movie was pretty inaccurate. Sure, some of the main plot points were covered, but they definitely took some liberties. Plus, they did not even include an integral part of the book, the sibling’s incestual relationship. The incest issue has been so controversial since the book was released in the 70s and it is a shame the movie couldn’t stay true to it. Fortunately, there is a new TV movie coming out January 2014 and I am really hoping it will take a better look at the book. The actors who have been cast in the children’s roles seem age appropriate as compared to the first movie. I look forward to seeing it.

As I was reading along, everything seemed to come back to me. It’s not very often that I re-read a book, as I usually just listen to them on audiobook the second (or third, fourth, etc.) time. However, I acquired an ebook version and I was glued to my iPad. I was intrigued by the horrific nature of the book. V.C. Andrews does an amazing job of telling a story, but it is a terrible story to be told. Imagine being locked in an attic for over 3 years. Flowers is definitely a great read and I recommend everyone to read (or re-read) it! I am now moving onto reading the rest of the Dollanganger series! I’m already on page 30 of Petals on the Wind. :geek:

Oh, here is a teaser trailer for the new movie coming out in January!

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