Dec 14

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Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

This past week just flew right on by. I don’t even know what I accomplished, to be honest. I worked 7 days last week so that must have been where most of my time went. Every year, no matter how much I try to prepare, the last few weeks leading up to Christmas are always very busy. What with parties, shopping, baking and then trying to have somewhat of a life. It’s hard to keep track of things.

My cousin is in town right now from Ontario. She is doing a practicum for her medical doctorate. She will graduate in May as a fully licensed doctor. I am so proud of her. Next week we will be spending a lot of time together because she will be finished her two week stint at our Children’s Hospital. Her fiancé arrives on Friday and then they leave for home on Christmas eve. It’s great to have them in town.

Mandela: Long Walk To FreedomMy friend and I managed to squeeze some time in this week to see a new movie that comes out on December 25th. The movie we saw was Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. My Mom scored tickets for the pre-screening from her work. She was kind enough to let my friend and I use them!

I want to admit that I didn’t really know too much about Nelson Mandela before I saw this movie. I had seen Invictus in 2009 and that was the extent of my knowledge. With his death last week and this movie, I was able to research a bit and learn a lot more about his journey in life. He was very inspirational for the blacks of South Africa. I am happy that he had such passion for his country and people. Even in death, everything that he fought for will be remembered and his legacy will live on. The movie was quite amazing and very moving. I can definitely see Idris Elba getting an Oscar nomination for his role as Mandela.

Nelson Mandela’s story is one that everyone should know and respect. The struggle he went through to acquire equal rights for everyone in South Africa was amazing. He sacrificed everything for his people. He was truly an inspiration. He will be remembered and loved forever. RIP.

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