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Sat '14

Annual camping trip

Peter and I just got back from Cranbrook, BC where we go every summer for our annual camping trip. Unfortunately this trip wasn’t as pleasant as previous years. We arrived on Sunday and it was a great start to the week. We looked forward of the rest of the trip. Unfortunately it went downhill from there.

On Monday morning of our trip, a terrible accident occurred that has left me traumatized and I know the feeling won’t go away any time soon. Some say I may be over reacting, but I can’t help it because it’s just how I feel. Please be aware this story involves the fatality of an animal, so read at your own risk. We were sitting at the campsite in the morning and, as usual, the ground squirrels were running around looking for food. One brave little guy came up and was crawling around my feet while I was sitting in my chair. I didn’t want the little guy to nibble on my toes (as they have to my Mom in the past) so I moved my feet up and down a bit to scare it away. To my horror, the squirrel wasn’t quite fast enough and I accidentally stepped on him with my foot. He squirmed in agony and I knew I had broken his little foot or something. I got up right away and ran to the other side of the campsite. I couldn’t look so I don’t know exactly what happened. I seriously had one of the most ugly cries of my entire life. Peter ran to my side and engulfed me in his arms while I wailed and wailed. Peter said the poor little squirrel eventually stopped flailing and became still. I had hoped he was just stunned, but the truth was plain. I had killed the poor animal. I have never killed any living animal in my entire life, even with my car. I am finding it hard to comprehend and move on. I know it was just a squirrel and there are 1000s of them, but my heart still aches. Every time I saw a ground squirrel after the incident, I felt as if they were wondering where their friend went. As we couldn’t find the park ranger anywhere, Peter had to “deal with the body.” He bagged it and put it into the trash can. I couldn’t go near the trash for the next few days. I know I may be overly dramatic, but my emotions are all over the place because of this pregnancy and they are all so elevated as well. Augh, horrible stuff.

Later that day, while cooking supper, my Mom accidentally tripped on the outdoor trailer mat and fell onto the hot scalding BBQ. She caught herself with her hands, which was better than her head, but of course she ended up burning almost all her fingers. They started to blister and the pain was quite torturous. She held a bag of ice the whole night. I felt so bad for her. One burn is bad enough, but 10+!!! :{ OUCH! She did end up going to the clinic a couple days later just to make sure that everything was okay. The doctor said they were doing well and to leave them open to the air and continuously put polysporin cream on. Amazingly, she never let it stop her from cross stitching! I was amazed that she managed so well. She’s my hero!

Tuesday morning started off almost as bad as Monday. I woke up in the morning and was so so so dizzy. I have never been that dizzy in my entire life. Even with my eyes closed, I felt as if the world was spinning a million miles an hour. Unfortunately, I desperately had to go to the bathroom so I had no choice but to get out of the tent and go to the outhouse. Peter came with me to “steady” me and walking seemed to help a lot. I felt much better in the fresh air. After we did our business, we went back into the tent to lie down, but unfortunately, the moment my head hit the pillow the dizziness came back. I felt as if I was going to throw up, and that was exactly what happened. After nearly 18 years vomit free, my streak was broken. It was horrifying and I didn’t even know if my body would remember how to do it. Luckily there was a plastic bag nearby and there wasn’t too much in my stomach. At first I thought it might be some kind of late 2nd trimester morning sickness, but now I am leaning toward some kind of flu. I have no idea. The sickness only happened once and I as able to eat some toast a little while later. I was fine for the rest of the day, yet a little paranoid. I carried a plastic bag around with me all day, just incase. It was not a pleasant experience. I realize I am very lucky to not have been sick in that many years, but that made it worse when it actually did happen. Okay, bitch bitch whine whine, I know.

Can I just say thank goodness for technology and cell phones!! While away in the wilderness I had to deal with our mortgage broker in regards to the loan financing for our new home. They were having trouble with my letter of employment or something like that. It was so much of a headache. I had to make a trip into Cranbrook to use the public library computer and printer. Then I had to find a fax machine to fax my letter away. It was so stressful and frustrating because there has been 3 months to do this kind of thing!! WHY wait until the last week and a half to deal with these issues?!? HONESTLY!! These financiers really needed to get their shit together. In the end, everything was sorted out and we should be signing with the lawyer this week. Ugh, anyway it was not pleasant.

On Wednesday, my Mom and I had initially planned on heading down to Kalispell, MT to do a little shopping, as we do most years. I was looking forward to finding some baby products that are significantly cheaper in the states than here in Canada. Sadly, we weren’t able to go to the states at all this trip due to numerous circumstances. We were both very sad. However, we’ve decided to take a trip sometime in October and hopefully find some good deals!

The weather for the week was not great. It rained every night and all day on Thursday. It was quite chilly. We did have one full day of sun on Wednesday so we were able to enjoy the weather a teeny bit. Of course, as soon as we left and headed home on Saturday, the weather took a 360° turn and was over 30°C. Oh well, Calgary has been nice for the past few days as well so I really shouldn’t complain!!

Well at least we were able to get away and the fact that we didn’t have to work for a week was wonderful. Now we are in the last stages of packing for the move in less than 2 weeks. We take possession of our brand new house in FOUR days!! So excited.

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4 Responses to “Annual camping trip”

  • Manda
    July 30, 2014 @ 9:03 am

    I am so sorry you didn’t have a good time on your trip. I can understand what you are going through with the squirrel. Last month, for the first time, I accidentally ran over a bunny. And then I about ran into a pole because I was screaming and crying about it. It was horrible.

    I hope your mom’s hands are feeling better! I don’t know how she could continue to cross stitch! She’s one tough cookie!

    I hope the move to your new home goes as smoothly as possible!

  • Cat
    August 1, 2014 @ 12:58 pm

    Aww, sorry to hear that so many bad things happened on the trip 🙁 I would be sad if I killed an animal too. I accidentally ran over a bird once with my car, and I felt really bad, even though those birds are everywhere.

    That sounds super painful to burn all of your fingers! I’m amazed your mom could still cross stitch after that. I wouldn’t want to use my hands if I didn’t have to!

    I’m the same way when it comes to vomitting. I haven’t done it since I was a young child, so I don’t know how it feels anymore. I don’t want to find out either 🙁 That’s good that it only happened in the morning and not again after that at least.

    I hope your next trip will be better! I hope everything goes well with your new house!

  • Kirsten
    August 1, 2014 @ 5:29 pm

    I am so sorry to hear about the things that happened on your trip. I hit a dear 2 years ago with a vehicle and I felt so much guilt over it but it does get better, sometimes things happen that we can’t explain and the only thing you can do is continue moving forward.

    I hate to hear about your dizziness on the Tuesday morning of your trip, I can sympathize completely. I have had over a year and a half of constant vertigo that seems to be under control now with medication but I found lying on my back was the worst or flat, head elevated on the side is best and sometimes one side is better then the other, if it comes back try elevation and laying on your side. Hopefully it never will! And I hope your mom is feeling better soon as well!

    Congratulations on your new house and hope the move goes well!

  • Lissy
    August 14, 2014 @ 4:58 pm

    aw, sorry the trip wasn’t that great 🙁 But at least you have the house and the baby to look forward to!

    In response to your tweet on the left “I feel as if I can’t eat as much as I used to. Is this because of #Pregnancy?” – yes 🙂 eat frequent smaller meals. You tummy doesn’t have as much room. It’ll get worse.

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