Nov 6

Thu '14

NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 6 – Treat for our feet

My Mom, Grandma and I treated our feet to a pedicure today. It wasn’t an ordinary pedicure either. It was done at Oasis spa and we were treated like Queens. We’ve been there before and were so excited to go back. It is more expensive than a regular aesthetics place, but it’s well worth the money. My amazing Mommy bought my pedicure because she is the greatest Mom in the world!!

So upon arrival, we were led to the changing room where we changed into comfy robes. Then we went to the waiting room where there were special teas, flavoured waters, apples, comfy chairs, blankets and relaxing zen music. The lighting was even dimmed so we could have easily had a nap and been totally relaxed.

We all had some water and an apple while waiting. Then our spa aestheticians came and brought us into the treatment room. We were able to be all together and have our pedicures at the same time. We spent the time gossiping and relaxing. It was marvellous. My aesthetician didn’t want to massage my feet too deep because she believed it could send me into labour. I begged her to do it, but she really didn’t feel comfortable. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to wait for this little one to decide its own time to arrive.


It was great to have my feet treated as they’ve been neglected for a few months because they’ve been REALLY hard to reach. I’m thinking of going for a shellac manicure next week after I’m finished work. Then I will be perfectly pampered in time for the baby to come. Because, really, who knows when I’ll be able to get out and treat myself again.

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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