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2014: Year in review

This year has definitely been the most life changing year of my entire life. It has been wonderful to experience and it makes me look forward to 2015 with a happy heart. This year in review might be a bit shorter than previous years as I am limited on time to write.

Peter left me for his first business trip to Nashville. It was the longest Peter had ever been away from home without me. Usually I am the one to go away, but it was his turn this time. I had a hard time with it and probably ate half a dozen cinnamon buns and watched Star Trek: Into Darkness about 4 times.

My cousin Rachel came to visit for a few days and we had a girls wine night and it was fabulous. I went on a road trip to Edmonton with some friends to see the Harry Potter exhibit. It was very magical to see so many items from the movies!
My Mom and I made the huge decision of crossing something off our bucket lists. We were headed to New York City in June. We started booking our tickets for shows and planning our itinerary. It was a long wait from February to June, let me tell you!!

This is the month that totally turned my life upside down. I found out I was pregnant in the middle of this month. We had been trying for a few months and it finally came true. I spent the second half of the month planning reveal ideas for my family and friends and making doctor appointments. It was a whirlwind.

Peter and I started looking for a new house because of our expanding family. We spent at least 3 evenings a week with the realtor. Finally, on
the 28th of the month, we put an offer down and it was accepted. It was a busy month.
Peter and I went to the Calgary Comic Expo for the 3rd year in a row. We didn’t buy very much, but it was nice to spend a day together doing nerdy things.

Our home inspection passed this month and we were officially going to be homeowners again in August. Lots of planning and packing to do until then.
I was finally able to spill the beans on my pregnancy! It was such a relief to have the news out there and to be able to talk about it. The first trimester was over and it was onward to the second.
My Mom, Grandma and I travelled to Ontario for my cousin’s graduation from medical school. The following weekend, Peter and my brother flew out and we all attended the same cousin’s wedding.

I became slightly obsessed with Smallville and watched the entire series. Tom Welling provided some good eye candy for sure.
We had our gender ultrasound, but the baby kept its legs crossed, so we left it a surprise.
Mom and I went to New York!!! It was the most amazing trip ever. We saw so much theatre and had an absolute blast.

This month was spent packing up to get ready for our move. There were a lot of boxes coming in and out of our house! We gave a tonne of stuff away to goodwill. I can’t believe how much junk can be accumulated over a few years.
I felt the baby move for the first time on my birthday on the 10th while my Mom and I were at the Calgary Stampede. It was the coolest feeling in the world and one that I definitely miss.
We went on our annual camping trip to Cranbrook. Unfortunately, it was not a great week. I accidentally killed a ground squirrel, it was rainy and cold, I threw up for the first time in almost 2 decades and we had some mortgage issues that had to be resolved while we were away. I was so ready to be back in Calgary!

We took possession of our second home on the first of the month. We officially moved into it on the 8th. We cleaned our first home and had it rented out by the 15th of the month. We tried not to have any down time. Then it was time to unpack all the boxes at our new house so it would turn into a home. It was a huge job and sometimes I still find it hard to remember where I’ve put things.
I entered the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and began having lots of heartburn. Tums were my best friend.

Peter and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary and I began getting the nursery ready. Most major baby items were purchased this month. I worked many many shifts this month as a lot of my co-workers went away and we were pretty short at work. I also had to start wearing a different shirt to work because my uniform no longer fit!
Peter and I went to our second comic expo of the year. This time in Edmonton. We also decided that we will only go to the 1 expo in Calgary each year from now on. They are all the same and we are getting a little sick of them.
We had our maternity photoshoot and the photos turned out beautifully.

We started our prenatal classes this month. It was coming down to the wire and mental preparation for labour was underway.
Mom and I went on our final road trip before baby. We went down to Great Falls for a bit of shopping. It was less than 4 weeks until my due date and we joked that if I went into labour, I’d have to keep my legs crossed until we made it back into Canada. Luckily that didn’t happen.

Attempted to participate in NaBloPoMo for the 3rd year in a row, but it was interrupted by the arrival of Ezri Jessica! Heck, I’m not complaining as she is the greatest gift of my life. I can’t believe the instant love I felt for this little girl as soon as she was put onto my chest.
When she wasn’t even 2 days old, we rushed Ezri to the hospital, where she spent almost 4 days in the NICU because of jaundice and ABO incompatibility.
Quite a few doctor appointments and check ups followed her hospital stay to make sure she was recovering well.

Ezri and I were lucky enough to have 2 baby showers thrown for us. They were both on one weekend on back-to-back days. It was an exhausting weekend, but very enjoyable. I am so lucky to have such amazing people in my life who care about my new family.
We finished our prenatal classes and made some friends that we will be having a lot of play dates with in the future.
Ezri’s first Christmas!! She was so cute and behaved pretty well for all the festivities. It was a pretty low-key holiday season for us anyway.

So that was 2014 in a nutshell. It was life changing and fantastic. I love my little girl to pieces and am looking forward to all the new things to come next year!

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3 Responses to “2014: Year in review”

  • Manda
    January 1, 2015 @ 11:12 am

    All in all, it sounds like a great year (despite the incident while camping and your little one being in the hospital). I hope y’all have an even better 2015!

  • Lissy
    January 2, 2015 @ 8:48 am

    yay, such a great year! Happy 2015!

  • Cat
    January 4, 2015 @ 1:01 pm

    Wow, 2014 was a crazy year for you with moving and having a baby! Those are such big events! That’s great that you and your mom were able to visit New York and see so many shows too. You did so much in 2014! I hope you have a great 2015 too 😀 Happy new year!

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