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Getting fancy in the kitchen

Ever since getting cable a couple weeks ago, I’ve basically been watching the food network non-stop. Maybe that’s why I’ve been hungry constantly for the past couple weeks LOL. 

Anyway, I’ve also found that it has sparked my cooking interest. I’ve made quite a few new recipes in the past couple weeks. It’s a good thing because Peter and I were falling back into the habit of grabbing fast food for supper. Bad on the wallet and the hips. 

A couple of the new recipes have been winners that I’d make again, but couple are one timers.  

I made Gordon Ramsey’s Red Mullet and sweet chilli sauce. I subbed in haddock because that’s what I had in the freezer. The peanut coating didn’t stay on the fish too well, but the chili sauce was fantastic. I will definitely make the sauce again. It paired so well with the fish. I didn’t take a picture because the fish looked so bad with the coating coming off. Anyway, I even bought a mortar and pestle because Gordon “told” me to. Apparently it’s an essential kitchen tool. Haha, I’ll have to start grinding some spices and dressings. 

I made Rachael Ray’s Riggies with charred tomatoes, sausage, kale and ricotta and it was fantastic. It will definitely be coming into our regular rotation. I took more liberties with this one because of what I had in hand. I used penne instead of rigatoni, zinfandel wine instead of dry sherry, onion instead of shallot, turkey sausage instead of pork and baby spinach instead of kale. So delicious.

Riggies with charred tomatoes, sausage, kale and ricotta

Finally I made Jamie Oliver’s Pukka yellow curry. After I made the curry paste I realized it was much too spicy for our household. So when I put everything on to cook, I added the juice of a lemon and a can of tomato sauce instead of the water. It cut the spice down greatly, but this one was not a favourite. I won’t be making it again. Maybe I’m just not a fan of curry unless it has coconut milk in it. Who knows. Peter didn’t like the chickpeas in it, but I did. 

Pukka yellow curry

Then I tried Roger Mooking’s Miso marinated ribs. The recipe called for a lot more orange than I put into it because I really didn’t want the miso flavour to be hidden. Well maybe I should have put more orange in because the final product was super salty. My tummy hurt afterward. Also, in a stupid move on my part, I opted to bbq the ribs instead of baking. Well the sauce basically just burned right away so most of the outside of the rib was black and inedible. Gross. Won’t be making these again because I figured out I prefer bbq sauce on ribs. No picture because the ribs were so badly burned. 

I wanted to make another one of Rachael Ray’s recipes this weekend, Penne alla Senese, however, I never did. Peter was sick with the stomach flu and I have a cold so our household was not feeling 100%. I’m hoping to make it sometime this week as I have all the ingredients in the fridge. 

I don’t have anything else planned, so I better watch some more cooking shows to get some more recipes! 

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2 Responses to “Getting fancy in the kitchen”

  • Cat
    March 2, 2015 @ 11:30 pm

    That’s useful to know your feedback on these recipes! I’ve had similar experiences with recipes from online, where the results have been mixed. I’ll have to look into the Riggies one. It looks really good!

    For a while, I was trying a new recipe each week, and then I got lazy. I need to get back into that!

  • Michelle
    March 10, 2015 @ 4:07 pm

    I love the cooking channel so much~ ^^ Your dishes look amazing!

    And dare I say it? Yummy to boot! Hahahaha

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