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Letter to Ezri: 5 months old

5 months old

Dear baby girl Ezri,

As each day goes by, I fall more and more in love with you. Your little personality is growing by leaps and bounds. You are becoming quite an amazing little girl. This month was definitely the most exciting in terms of new developments and milestones! Where to begin?!

The sweetest sounds have started coming out of your lips as you’re learning to giggle. You are becoming so interactive with your Dad and I. We do fun little things to make you laugh and you actually do! You love when I blow raspberries on your tummy and sides during a diaper change. You love the sound of your daddy’s fake sneezes. You are more smiley than ever and more and more often those smiles are accompanied by giggles. It is such a joy to watch you become interested in people and things around you. You love to play with toys now and everything you touch has to go into your mouth. You suck on everything you possibly can.

We moved you into your crib this month. You are now sleeping in your very own room, albeit not very well. We hadn’t set out a date to move you and one night just decided it was time, spur of the moment. You slept pretty well the first few nights in your own crib, but then came time for your 4 month immunizations. After your shots, you had a mild fever for 2 days. Ever since then, you haven’t slept longer than a stretch of 3 hours. You have been waking up every 1-2 hours after your “longer” stretch of 3 hours. I will be honest, it’s been DREADFUL. The only thing that settles you back into sleep is nursing. So I have been up 4-10 times a night for almost a month. Your Dad and I were walking zombies for a couple weeks, but I think our bodies have adjusted to the lack of sleep. Each night we go to sleep hoping it’ll be the night you magically sleep 4+ hours in a row. Sadly, we are still waiting. I met with a sleep expert, along with our baby group, and she gave me some great information. Your Daddy and I are now working at helping you learn to fall asleep on your own and without your soother! It is tough because I worked so hard to get you to like your soother! All good things must come to an end, I suppose. I am sure you will remember that you actually like sleep and will get back into some good habits soon. Please???

On a better note, you learned how to roll over this month!! It is so amazing to put you down for a second only to come back and see you in a different place! You started rolling from your front to your back first, but after about a week, you got bored with that and started going from back to front too. Your arm sometimes gets in the way, but you make it past it eventually. You tend to get stuck on your tummy, but I know you know how to roll back to your back, so I usually let you figure it out. Your Dad and I will have to start baby proofing pretty soon because you will be more and more mobile before we know it.

At your 4 month immunization appointment, we were told that you had fallen below the “normal baby” weight percentile curve. You had previously been on the low end of it in the 3rd percentile, but shifted a little lower. You hadn’t lost any weight, but the nurse didn’t think you were gaining an appropriate amount of weight. After speaking with a couple different nurses and lactation consultants, it has been decided that you are doing just fine. You are gaining weight at a steady rate and you are creating your own little weight curve. You’re just petite and need to go at your own pace. Nevertheless, I am taking you every week to be weighed with a lactation consultant and we are keeping an eye on your progress. We are also going to see the doctor next week just as a precaution. However, nothing to be concerned about at this time. Your last recorded weight was 10lbs 15oz!

We fed you your first solids this month. We gave you a bit of rice cereal and you didn’t like it at first, but I think you’re getting used to it now. You are figuring out the spoon and how it works a little more each time we try. You actually like to lick the spoon now! Last night you ate all of the rice cereal I had prepared for you, so I think you’re beginning to enjoy it a bit. Your Daddy and I tried to feed you carrot a couple times this past week as well. You don’t seem to like it at all. You shudder each time and you even gagged once. So we are going to lay off it for a bit and just stick with the rice cereal. You are still pretty young to be eating solids anyway.

Your screaming and crying in the car continues. I have come to accept the fact that you don’t like to ride in any moving vehicle. It puzzles me still, but I’ve given up on what could be the reason. Instead, I have found a solution to keep you 100% happy in the car: a portable DVD player. If I play a movie for you while we drive, you don’t make a peep. Your eyes are glued to the screen the whole time (except when you sometimes fall asleep). I realize I shouldn’t be allowing you to watch movies at such a young age, but it is for my sanity and yours. I don’t dread having to go out anymore and I am sure you are happier not to be screaming. For shorter trips, I don’t put the DVD player on, in hopes that you might get used to riding without it. You still whimper and cry. Oh well. I’m hoping the DVD player is a temporary solution.

When you were in the hospital in the NICU in your first week of life, the nurses had to shave a bit of your hair so they could put an IV in. It was just a little spot right above your left ear, but it has taken forever to grow back. I am proud to say that it has finally grown in! Your new hair has covered most of the area and I can no longer see where they shaved you. Only took 5 months! Haha.

Another great thing that happened this month is that you found your feet! You first found your right foot with your right hand. Then it found your left foot as well. Your left hand finally started to catch up about a week after your right. A fw days later, you began to put your feet into your mouth and suck on them. Now it is your favourite thing to do. The material on your sleepers are usually soaked through with saliva at your feet. I am getting used to carrying around a human pretzel as you are now always holding or sucking on your feet. I am amazed at how flexible babies are!

We started taking swimming lessons this month! You’ve only had one lesson so far and I’m not sure you knew what to think of it. You didn’t splash around like you do at bath time, but you seemed to enjoy it a little bit. You cried near the end of the class for a couple minutes, but overall, I think you enjoyed most of the 30 minute class. Your Grandma came to watch the lesson as well and I think she will try to come as often as her schedule allows. Anyway, I am looking forward to the next 10 weeks worth of swimming lessons with you!!

This month had so many exciting things happen and I am so looking forward to next month as well (hopefully with a bit more sleep along the way)!

Love Mommy

Ezri 5 months

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