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Life lately

Life lately, what can I say? It has been busy. I think I’ve had something to do every single day for the past 2 weeks. It’s a good thing I’m on maternity leave because who has time to work? The days are definitely flying by. I’m enjoying motherhood and my time off with Ezri.

My Mom and I rejoined Weight Watchers a couple weeks ago. I hadn’t intended to join the program again, but the scale just kept going up in the wrong direction, so I had to do something. They were having a promotion where you pay for 3 months and you get 3 more months free. After signing up, we also found out that if we lose 10lbs in the first 2 months, then we get our money back for those months. So if we succeed in losing the 10lbs, we will essentially get 6 months of meetings for the price of 1 month. That is a nice way to motivate me! After my second weigh in, I am 5.7lbs down, so well on the way to 10lbs!

Ezri is still not sleeping very well. I find that I am not so much physically tired as my body has become accustomed to the sparse amount of sleep we’re getting. The problem is that it is starting to wear on me emotionally. I never know if I’m going to wake up and have breakdowns all day or not. It’s tough, probably one of the toughest things I’ve been through as a parent thus far. I am still so happy to be a Mom though and every time Ezri smiles or makes a cute noise, I melt into a puddle. Nothing else matters in those moments!!

In effort to try to get Ezri to sleep longer, Peter and I started something a little different on Sunday night by giving Ezri a full bottle of breast milk right before bed. That way we make sure that she is getting a full feed before she goes down for the night. It worked Sunday night by almost giving us a 5 hour stretch, but we were back to 2-3 hours last night. We’re still hoping it will work again tonight. If this new routine does end up working, then we will definitely continue each night. However, I cannot pump enough milk to keep up with the amount of milk needed. So we might need to supplement with formula. I will be talking to a lactation consultant tomorrow when I get Ezri weighed.

Swimming lessons are going pretty well. Ezri seems to love the water. We practised floating last week and she was kicking her legs like mad. I think we are doing dunking this week, so that will be a little scary, but I know we can do it. After the lessons, Ezri is so exhausted that she’s usually asleep before we even reach the car!! Plus, those naps tend to be a bit longer, and in Ezri language, that means 45-60 minutes!! Ahhh, it’s wonderful. Wish I could poop her out like that more often.

Peter, Ezri and I went to the Calgary Comic Expo on the weekend. It was fun, but it was also the usual, as per previous years. Going once a year will definitely be enough for us!! It was SO super crowed this year. Maybe it’s because we had Ezri with us, but I just had so much anxiety with the enormous amount of people. I think I was worried about people bumping into and hurting Ezri. Anyway, she did very well. Had a snooze on her first train ride there and then woke up as we were exploring the exhibitors. She hung out in the stroller and managed to throw all her toys on the ground so she didn’t have any clean ones left by the end of it. We stopped halfway through for a feeding and I wore her in the wrap for the remaining time. She fell asleep on the way home again and woke up as we were having sushi for supper. Hopefully next year we will coordinate family costumes! Each year we talk about having matching outfits, but we never get around to it. Maybe with Ezri, we will have more motivation! Here is a picture of Ezri and I and some awesome cosplay characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas!!

Calgary Comic Expo 2015

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3 Responses to “Life lately”

  • Lissy
    April 22, 2015 @ 3:52 am

    At least her sleep hasn’t gotten worse. Have you looked into the no cry sleep solution or tried co sleeping? If I didn’t co sleep I could not function during the day. Though even with that, I’ve been sitting here since 4am trying to get him back to sleep. I don’t know why he has so much trouble sometimes. That’s why I go to bed with him at 6 though! Still only got about 5 hours last night 🙁
    Glad she’s enjoying swimming,c that sounds like fun.
    That picture is adorable. She all, what the? And the little Batman shirt, daw

  • Cat
    April 23, 2015 @ 3:59 pm

    That’s awesome that you’ve lost 5.7lbs already! That sounds like a nice deal on Weight Watchers, and that’s great progress already 🙂

    I hope that new routine will help Ezri sleep for a longer period of time. The short sleeping periods definitely sound tiring! I’m glad she did well while you were at the comic expo. I think matching outfits would be so cute 😀

  • Terri
    April 29, 2015 @ 6:37 pm

    Oh I hear you on the weight thing – I need to lose a good 20kg (45lbs) before I’m even close to being at a healthy weight. I’m trying, but at the same time, I’m super unmotivated lol!
    I also hear you on the sleeping thing – my body was fine with it after one child, but now with two who are troubled sleepers, my mind and body are slowly giving up – I have constant chest and back pain and I really come close to cracking during the night if I have to get up more than twice. It wears you down, for sure. I hope she starts sleeping for you soon!

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