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Letter to Ezri: 6 months old

6 months old

Dear Ezri baby,

You are half a year old! I can hardly believe it. The time has gone by so fast. I am so happy to be your Mom. You are the sweetest little girl with the brightest eyes.

Speaking of your eyes, they are just so big and beautiful. They are always the first thing people mention when they see you. Also that your eyelashes are amazingly long and perfect. I know many women would pay big bucks for eyelashes like yours. You definitely got those from your daddy.

You learned two things in one day this month! I turned my back on you for a second and you had figured out how to pull the tissues out of the Kleenex box. You had pulled about 10 out in no time flat. Clever girl. Then later that day, as you were playing on your play mat, you started to explore your voice in the form of screaming. It’s cute right now, but I am sure it will get louder and not as cute soon enough.

Part of me doesn’t even want to mention the sleep thing again. You just don’t seem to know how to sleep for long periods of time. To make things a tiny bit worse, now that you’ve learned how to roll over, you have started to sleep on your stomach. However, you sure don’t like it when you wake up and find yourself there. You get very upset and can’t compose yourself long enough to roll back over. When I see you in the monitor and you’ve just rolled to your tummy, I go in and roll you back to your back. By the time I get back into bed, you’ve already gone back to your tummy. It’s a fruitless job I suppose. But then WHY do you get so angry when you wake up on your tummy?? Nights have been a bit worse since you started this habit and I really didn’t think that could happen. Sigh. I guess it’s something that will be part of our life for the unforeseeable future. There are worse things in this world then having to get up in the middle of the night to settle you, my sweet little girl.

We gave you your first bit of formula this month in an effort to try to get you to sleep longer at night. All it did was make you extremely gassy and also made you act a bit funny. You weren’t your normal self. We’re assuming your tummy might have been a bit upset. We will try a different brand in a few days, maybe.

You’ve had tons of solids already. You love yams, pears and peaches the most. You don’t care at all for carrots, bananas, peas or wax beans. You have also tried apples, broccoli and squash. We are looking forward to trying some more “adventurous” foods in the upcoming month.

You really like your swimming lessons. You always splash around, kick your feet, suck on the toys and don’t mind being in the water at all. I’ve dunked you at least 15 times now and you seem okay with it. You are very good at not swallowing the water. I look forward to going each week with you.

You keeping lifting up your neck and head (as if you were trying to do a sit-up) when you are put down onto your back. It’s like you want to sit up but can’t quite make it all the way up. I am sure that will come sooner than your Daddy and I would like. You’re growing and advancing so fast. I’m trying to take in as much as I can every single day.

You really are becoming your own little person Ezri. Your adorable personality makes me weak at the knees. You’re just so darn cute. I don’t know what I’ll do with you as you just continue to get cuter with each passing day.

Love you FOREVER!

Your Mommy

Ezri 6 months

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