Aug 25

Tue '15

It’s that moment…

I had intended on writing a post about how well Ezri was doing at sleeping lately. She was falling asleep on her own without nursing or being rocked and she was doing it without crying. Peter and I were so proud. She was also sleeping for a 5+ hour stretch, then a 4+ hour stretch. Really only wanting two night feeds, which is amazing for Ezri!

Notice I said ‘was’?! Yeah, that’s the thing, it only last about 2 weeks. So now we are at the end of one of the worst weeks for sleep that we’ve ever had. Saturday night she was up 6 times, but the last two nights, she was up 5 times. I don’t know what’s wrong with our girl. I’m not feeling 100% (sore throat) so maybe Ezri is down in the dumps as well? Could be teething or a growth spurt, who knows. Whatever it is, I sure hope it ends soon because this Mama and Daddy are tired!!

On a better note, I got to enjoy one of the most amazing moments of motherhood yesterday. I love baby wearing. It is something I had always planned and wanted to do when I had kids. I try to do it as often as I can with Ezri. It’s so special to have her little body so close to mine, heart to heart. But there is one moment that cannot be explained. It’s almost like a drug to me. It’s the moment that all of Ezri’s worries float away and complete trust is enlisted in me. It’s the moment that her head slowly lowers and lays against my chest as she closes her eyes and falls into dreamland.
Ezri does not sleep on me anymore since she was about 3 months old and we started sleep training. I made the concise effort to put her down once she fell asleep so she would learn to sleep alone. Then of course, now, I miss the closeness. Every once in awhile she will fall asleep in the wrap while we are on a walk and I am in absolute 7th heaven. She doesn’t fall asleep every time, but when it does, I get those rush of endorphins and love. I walk and enjoy every single minute that she’s so close. It’s simply the best feeling in the world.

Asleep in the wrap

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