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Letter to Ezri: 10 months old

10 months old

Dear Ezri,

Wow, baby girl Ezri, you are double digits! 10 months! This has been a fantastic month!

Standing and holding onto things is your favourite thing to do. It’s hard to put you down to a sitting position because you always want to keep your legs straight. You’ve even started standing without holding on for a few seconds. You are getting brave and let go more often. We’ve seen you stand up in the middle of the floor from a sitting position a couple times already. Soon it will be second nature for you and then the walking will come. I am SO not ready for that!! Ah.

You are officially a traveller of the air as you went on a plane for the first time this month! We went to Disneyland for a few days and you had a blast. We definitely tired you out. There was a lot of stimulation. You got very excited meeting Princess Tiana, Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse. You also got to meet Minnie Mouse, Aladdin and Jasmine and Sulley from Monster’s Inc. You went on many of the rides and seemed to like them for the most part. I would say that It’s A Small World was your favourite. Oh and you LOVED Disney’s special Dole Whip!!

While we were away, you did so well at napping in the baby carrier and in your stroller when needed, but we always tried to get you back to the room for your long afternoon nap. You even broke your nap record, twice, while we were away. One day you slept 2:22 and the next day you slept 2:30! YEAH. But then you managed to break your record again when we got home and napped for a full 3 hours. I was blown away. We haven’t had a repeat, but I am always hoping.

Night sleeping is all over the place. You have a good few days and then a couple REALLY bad days. We are in the middle of a bad set of days right now and so I am hoping there are some good nights in our future. At least you are getting expert at falling asleep on your own without rocking or nursing. We’ve given you a blanket and you love to snuggle up to it and fall asleep. It has been a saving grace for some nights and naps.

You are doing very very well at eating solids. You are willing to try most things now, but you still hate avocado and broccoli. It makes me a little sad because that green stuff is so tasty. You still gag every so often, but I am doing a lot better at knowing that it is normal and not freaking out. Your grabbing skills are improving and you can manage to get chunks of food into your mouth…sometimes. We tend to pick a lot of food out of your highchair after you’re done eating. We are trying to give you at least 2 meals a day, but often we will try to just give you some of whatever we are eating at each meal. We have a Floopz machine (like a Yonanas machine) where we put in frozen fruit and it comes out like ice cream. So we make you “ice cream” all the time and that is one of your favourite things to eat. You also like to suck the living day lights out of the fruit/veg puree packages.

You love to talk and babble. You say so many syllables. Your Dad and I fully believe you said Mama and Hi Dad on purpose. You say them all the time when you’re just babbling, but there have been some “intentional” times. I am so excited for you to talk and communicate verbally! It’s great to know that you know your name and you always turn your head toward the speaker when they call you. You are learning the word NO as well because, as you have become more mobile, you are getting into so many things that you shouldn’t. I

You learned how to clap hands this month. It’s so cute. If we are clapping hands, you will usually follow suite. Also if we ask you to show us clapping hands, you know what that means. Sometimes, when you feel like it, you will wave at us. You do it more often just because you want to and not because we ask you to. More cuteness will come, I am sure.

You’ve started to pull the DVDs off my movie shelves. You love to make a mess. We are trying to teach you not to do it, but it’s a learning thing. As I said above, you are recognizing the word NO 🙂

You are about 15lbs now and still growing at your own pace. We’ve retired most of your 3-6MO clothing and have you in just 6MO clothing. Some of your outfits fit, but some are still too big. It’s so nice that you are getting so much wear out of all of your clothes.

Your Grandparents and Great Grandma are very happy that when they come over to see you, you recognize who they are. It’s wonderful to see your face split into a giant grin when you see someone you know!

I am so excited to see you continue to grow, learn and thrive. You are the greatest little girl in the world and your Daddy and I love you so much!

Love Mommy

Ezri 10 months

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