Sep 26

Sat '15

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Almost the end of September, wow. I simply can’t believe how fast time is flying. I will have to go back to work soon and I just don’t think I can handle it. I’ve enjoyed being at home with Ezri so much and I’ve found so many things to do to occupy my time. How can I possibly add work back into the mix?! I just don’t know.

Over the past year I’ve considered not going back to work at all, but that’s probably not the best thing to do. I love my coworkers and the work is easy, but I know it will be hard to be away from Ezri. Money wise, I don’t need to work, but a little extra cash doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s still up in the air and I probably won’t decide until the day my maternity benefits end in November.

I just finished watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. It was SO good! I can’t believe I didn’t watch it when it was first airing. I opted to watch Everwood instead back then. However, right now I’m very thankful for Netflix. I enjoyed the first few seasons best, but overall really enjoyed the entire series. It will definitely be worth a rewatch one day.

Next I’ve decided to move on to watching Scandal. Ellen talks about it all the time on her show and so I’ve been suckered in. It’s also very good. There are so many twists and turns and betrayals and “scandals” that I am entertained every single episode. I just started season 3 today so I’m getting caught up to current episodes. I believe they just started season 6. Oh and speaking of Ellen, we signed up for cable again. Our 6 month promotion ended at the beginning of August and we didn’t want to pay full price, so we cancelled it. Well they called us last week to offer us another promotion and we couldn’t say no. So now I can watch Ellen again!!! Yaaaaay.

Ezri and I are going to the baby show (it’s an expo type thing) tomorrow. We are meeting up with a Mom and baby from our baby group and will just wonder around the booths. It will be fun. It’s my 3rd baby show and Ezri’s 2nd. I always seem to walk away from them with a little extra knowledge. Plus, it’s fun to get out and interact with other babies and Moms!

Geeze, writing this post has made me realize that I actually do miss blogging. I think I’ve spent enough time away to make me crave it again!! This could be the beginning of something here…

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